Jane Green Paul

b. 6 January 1811, d. 8 May 1843
  • Jane Green Paul was born on 6 January 1811 in Marion County, South Carolina.
  • She married William Chambers LeGrand, son of John LeGrand and Margaret Chambers, on 11 March 1829 in Anson County, North Carolina.
  • The following appeared on 31 March 1829 in the Raleigh Register and North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser: Married, in Anson county, on the 11th inst. Mr. Wm. C. Legrand to Miss Jane Paul.
  • Andrew Paul wrote the following about 1830:
         Marion District, So. Carolina.
    For the information of my children:
         As it frequently happens that Europeans immigrate young, before they are able to receive an account of their ancestors, and that, no doubt, when they arrive at the age of maturity, would be highly gratified to learn something of their ancestors, I give my offspring a short but accurate sketch of myself.
         I was born in Scotland, parish Kilcarn [sic], on or about the year 1764. My precise age, I do not know. My father's name was John Paul, and his wife was Jean Liddell. They only had two children, my brother and myself. My brother was the oldest. My father and mother both died and left us in the care of an executor, William Bow, who lived in the city of Glasgow. Losing my parents and with but slight acquaintance with few to attract me to my native country, I soon decided to leave the country. Accordingly, about the age of twenty, in company with my brother, we went to Belfast. We landed in Philadelphia after a voyage of two months. After staying in Philadelphia about six months, I went to Carolina where I have continued to live ever since. A few years more I removed to Peedee, at one time called Liberty, but afterward Marion, South Carolina, where on the 25th of April 1793, I was married to Deborah McRee, she being in her eighteenth and I in my twenty-eighth year.
         My oldest child, John McRee, was born 15th December 1804. The second child, Andrew Liddell, was born on the 12th of Feb. 1809. My daughter Jane Green was born January 6, 1811. Her first name was in remembrance of my mother. My third son, William Bow, was born on the 23rd of Oct. 1813.
         ~ Quoted from Helen Johnstone Rose's book Our Family History: Johnstone, LeGrand, MacGillivray, Maclaren (1981), generously shared by her nephew John Baldwin Johnstone.
  • William Chambers LeGrand and Jane Green Paul appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1830 in West Side PeeDee River, Montgomery County, North Carolina, and it is an educated guess that the male age 10-14 is William's younger brother Thomas.. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Mary Jane LeGrand.
  • The following appeared on 9 September 1833 in the Carolina Observer: Meltonsville Academy, Anson County, N. Carolina.
         The Trustees announce to the public, that this Institution is in successful operation, under the direction of Mr. William C. Legrand, whose qualifications are of the first order, and who has made great proficiency in the mental and moral improvement of the Students committed to his care. The Trustees confidently hope, that from the superior qualifications of the Superintendent, the salubrity of the situation, the good morals of the neighborhood, together with the advantages of Methodist and Baptist preaching, a Sunday School and Temperance Society, that a liberal patronage will be received from the public. The Trustees pledge themselves to visit the Academy, observe the progress of the Students and see that good order is preserved.
         The terms of Tuition are $12, $16 or $20 per annum, according to the scale of education adopted. Boarding can be obtained in respectable Houses at $5 or $6 per month, including Bedding and Washing.
         By order of the Trustees, D. A. Covington, Sec'y. 
  • William Chambers LeGrand and Jane Green Paul appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1840 in Macon County, Alabama. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Mary Jane LeGrand, Milton Paul LeGrand, Margaret Deborah LeGrand and Cornelia Anne Elizabeth LeGrand.
  • Jane Green Paul became a widow at the 4 May 1841 death of her husband William Chambers LeGrand.
  • Jane Green Paul died on 8 May 1843 at age 32 in Macon County, Alabama.
  • She was interred at Tuskegee City Cemetery, Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama.
  • Following the deaths of their parents William Chambers and Jane Green Paul LeGrand in the early 1840s, the LeGrand children were taken into various families. Mary Jane, the eldest, spent time with Charles and Sarah Norman Rush and with Theodore and Caroline Mays Brevard. She and Green Mark Wood were married by Judge Brevard, and they named their first child Rush Brevard Wood. Margaret was raised as the only child of Letitia Ann Wood McNair (daughter of Green Wood’s cousin Ashley Wood) and her husband Edward McNair. Cornelia was raised in the household of Charles and Sarah Norman Rush, and Virginia William “Willie” was raised from infancy as the only child of John Henry and Mary Harris Gindrat (whose niece Sarah Anne Harris later married Willis Breazeal Wood). Likely son Milton Paul LeGrand also was taken into the Rush family, but no record has been found of his earlier years; by 1850, at age 17, he was serving as an apprentice in the household of druggist Henry F. Godden in Marion, Alabama.
  • Upon the grave marker of Capt. Charles George Rush in the Rush family cemetery in Macon County, Alabama, who died on 9 December 1857, is written:
         Here lies C.G. Rush, the orphans friend,
         and we the children of W.C. & J.G. LeGrand
          are numbered with the many for whom he
         cared, he is gone but his memory will ever
         be cherished by the orphans.
  • Mr. A. Lyttle, a lawyer of Wadesboro wrote a letter on October 11, 1858, in which he says: "Wm. C. LeGrand who married Jane Paul, I have long been associated with. His mother's name was Margaret Chambers and his father's name was John LeGrand. After the death of John LeGrand his mother married Andrew Wade. William C. LeGrand ran through all his property and was supplied in part with all the necessaries of life by my wife's former husband, Dr. McRee, and herself as she was a cousin of W.C.L. He was a fine man but a bad manager. Both he and his wife's family were highly respectable."
         Quoted from Helen Johnstone Rose's book Our Family History: Johnstone, LeGrand, MacGillivray, Maclaren (1981), kindly shared by her nephew John B. Johnstone.
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Family: William Chambers LeGrand b. 16 May 1803, d. 4 May 1841