John LeGrand

b. circa 1770, d. 21 January 1816
  • John LeGrand was born circa 1770 in Halifax County, Virginia.
  • "John LeGrand settled by his father in Stanly County, near Rocky River."
  • He married Margaret Chambers, daughter of William Chambers and Sarah Osborne, on 23 April 1800 in Person County, North Carolina, with Joseph McGehee and Jesse Dickens serving as bondsmen/witnesses.
  • The following appeared on 9 August 1800 in the Raleigh Register and North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser: Estate of James Legrand. Notice is hereby given, to all whom it may concern, that Administration was granted to the Subscribers, by the County Court of Montgomery, at last April Term, on the Estate of James Legrand, deceased, late of said County. All Persons having Demands against said estate, are requested to present them properly attested, within the Time limited by Law, otherwise they will be barred of Recovery; and those who are indebted to said Estate, to make immediate Payment. Coercive Measures will be pursued against those who do not avail themselves of this Notice. Hampton Wade Legrand, John Legrand. July 15, 1800. 
  • John LeGrand died on 21 January 1816 in Mt. Gilead, Montgomery County, North Carolina.
  • His wife Margaret Chambers became a widow at his death.
  • Mr. A. Lyttle, a lawyer of Wadesboro wrote a letter on October 11, 1858, in which he says: "Wm. C. LeGrand who married Jane Paul, I have long been associated with. His mother's name was Margaret Chambers and his father's name was John LeGrand. After the death of John LeGrand his mother married Andrew Wade. William C. LeGrand ran through all his property and was supplied in part with all the necessaries of life by my wife's former husband, Dr. McRee, and herself as she was a cousin of W.C.L. He was a fine man but a bad manager. Both he and his wife's family were highly respectable."
         Quoted from Helen Johnstone Rose's book Our Family History: Johnstone, LeGrand, MacGillivray, Maclaren (1981), kindly shared by her nephew John B. Johnstone.
  • The following is from a letter of James L. Beverly of Wadesboro, North Carolina, written on April 12, 1891, copied in longhand by Aunt Margaret in 1902. "Jane Green Paul married William C. LeGrand on March 10, 1829. They lived near Wadesboro, North Carolina. His brother Edwin O. LeGrand married and moved to Texas. The girls all married. James and John LeGrand were last heard from just before the late war. They were quite thrifty old bachelors, owning valuable mill property and a large whiskey distillery in Burk[e] County, North Carolina. When John LeGrand died he left his children well, but William C. was fond of high life and after he married, went through all his property. They lived with Duncan McRee, his wife's cousin, and his wife in the same house. William failed in business and sold his land to the McRees. He taught school for a while. There is no stain on the character of any of the LeGrands. They are very fine people."
         Quoted from Helen Johnstone Rose's book Our Family History: Johnstone, LeGrand, MacGillivray, Maclaren (1981), kindly shared by her nephew John B. Johnstone.
  • In a letter to her cousin Lizzie Leigh Wood James written about 1933, Margaret LeGrand Johnstone Philbrick wrote: "A letter from A. Lyttle of Wadesboro Oct 13, 1858, says that Wm C. LeGrand's father lived in the fork of the Rocky River and the Pedee, and that a Lyttle once owned part of the same land. John LeGrand the father of Wm C. had Edwin O., William C., James, and John, sons – Mrs. Hall & perhaps other daughters. Buck LeGrand (Homer), James L. & Hampton LeGrand were brothers of John. Mrs. Hall lived in Fayetteville N.C."
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Family: Margaret Chambers b. circa 1780, d. circa 1845