Sarah E. Powell

b. circa 1829, d. between 1854 and 1860
  • Sarah E. Powell was born circa 1829 in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • She was known as Sallie.
  • Eddie Eliza Campbell wrote to Evelina Barnes Wood on 10 February 1850, "I hope Duncan
    has settled now enough to Mr Wood to profit by his methodical and steady manner of doing business, and that he will profit by it. I promised to let you hear about the result of his business, I have enquired dilligently but no one would tell me, I only know that Dr Bolling bought Abby and all the children accept Tait, Col Carter bought him. Harry sold for only $150 that I felt very sorry for, and I know Duncan will be greatly disappointed. Mr Norton bought him. While I am upon Duncan’s affairs I cannot help alluding to his other affair, (as little as I feel like it). Betty Powell called upon Mr Farly for his picture, and he told her I had it. Sally came for it the next day she told us that her Mother and Father never said one word to her about discarding Duncan, so far from it they wished it to take place, and that what she done was before she knew the property was involved. And that she found her Sister loved him better than she did. (This accounts for her sisters unhappiness all last summer.) As for herself her feelings for him had never changed she loved him and should never engage herself to any one else. She said she could not understand how her Sister could engage herself to every one that that courted her. She trembled like an aspin leaf while she was talking and I could not help feeling very sorry for her. Sally’s conversation is confidential, I told her I had written to Duncan, I was not willing for him to marry Betty because she was engaged to so many. She said she sometimes thought Duncan loved her best. You can judge that he is in a dilema, and I see nothing for him to do but to get off with all of them. Sally evidently has sacrificed her feelings to her Sister. Mike is here. I have not seen him. . . . And give my love to. . . . Duncan & Willie though last not least, my prayers and best wishes will follow them were ever they go, tell them to be good industrious and persevering, in all they undertake."
  • Eddie Eliza Campbell wrote to Evelina Barnes Wood on 25 February 1850, "Mike Powell did not call to see us. I supposeSally told him what I had said, but I cant help it, if all concerned cut me, I must expect my disapprobation, and condemn Sallys romance which she must have read in some antiquated novel, that it was beautiful to make a sacrafice of her own affections and those of the man she professed to love, to a sister who can fall in love with every new face she meets with. I told Sally I was not willing for Duncan to marry Betty since I knew her own feelings had not changed. They are all in a dilema that I think they had better sett to work to get out off. Sally thinks Duncan loves her best, and fears that Betty loves him better than she is capable of doing. . . . Much love to Duncan and Willie, I hope to hear from them."
  • George Francis Powell and Nancy Brown Williamson appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Montgomery, Alabama. Other members of the household included Sarah E. Powell, Elizabeth J. Powell and Peter George Powell.
  • She married Nicholas D. Barnett on 4 June 1851 in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Evelina Wood wrote on 14 May 1855, to her daughter Lizzie Powell, undergoing treatment for cancer in Murfreesboro, Tennessee: ". . . Give my love to Bettie, ask her to write to me and may God bless her forever for her goodness to my dear child. . . . Ella speaks of Bettie & George as if she had known them always -- I hope Sallie Barnett has returned to you ere this to relieve Bettie and Mr Powell some -- I have every confidence in Mr Powell's doing every thing that can be done, I know he is one of the best nurses. . . ." Letter in private collection of B. M. Henwood, descendant of Wm Wood Powell; original transcription by R. E. Reichardt.
  • Sarah E. Powell died between 1854 and 1860.
  • Her husband Nicholas D. Barnett became a widower at her death.
  • Her husband Dorothy H. Pegues became a widower at her death.
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Family: Nicholas D. Barnett b. circa 1826