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  • Travel Journal of Green Wood, 1848-1849
              Identifying a Site for Greenwood Plantation in Texas

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    Green Wood Travel Journal, 1848-1849
    Green Wood Travel Journal, 1848-1849
    Green Wood Travel Journal, 1848-1849

  • Journal of Trip to Mobile, Orleans
    & Galveston
    1st April 1848 left Montgomery
    betwen 5 & 6 oclock in the evening
    got to Mobile 10 oclock Monday
         the 3rd paid passage                $8.00
         other expenses                     0.45
    April 5th paid out the Man
         -sion house Mobile                     4.00
         paid concert ticket                     1.00
         other expenses                     1.00
    left for Orleans on the
    California 5th      passage                5.00
         paid for hack &C                     1.00
         got to the St. Charles 8 oclock
    Thursday morning 6th April
         paid at the St. Charles                9.75
         paid for Seeing Modelle
         Artists & 2 Masquerade Balls           6.00
         portorage & riding                     1.50
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 8) 1-5 April 1848

  •      Brot over                     $38.00
    Left Orleans Sunday
    morning 10 oclock April 9th
    arrived at Galveston 11th
    Tuesday morning 7 oclock
         Paid passage                $20.00
         other expenses           0.50
    April 11th      Tremont house
         got a good Breakfast &
         recovered for Sea sickness
    April 12th      Saw plenty of Snap
         Beans in Market, large Beets,
         Turnips, new potatoes & quite
         a variety of Early vegetables
         on the 11th had Squashes for
         Dinner at the Tremont house
    lef[t] Galveston on the 12th      paid
         Tavernbill Tremont House      2.00
         paid passage up to Houston      3.00
         got to Houston same day evening
         Staid there next day & night
         paid Tavern Washing &C      4.00
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 9) 9-13 April 1848

  •                          $67
    left Houston 14th 1/2 past 8 oclock
    in the Stage      crossed the Buffalo
    Biou on a bridge came
    through flat pine woods
    white oak runner Bushes & Slashey
    Sandy land 4 miles & then
    piney prairie or prarie with
    Small patches of Short leaved
    pine like old sickle pines
    a foot or more through
    the Bodie & low perfect
    level Sandy land too wet
    for planting owing to the level
    in two miles came to large
    level open prarie for
    twenty miles or more      very
    level & then to open prarie
    of a higher & better Kind
    Some of it a little roling and
    Sandy.      Said to be 15 miles
    wide which continued
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 10) 14 April 1848

  • for near 40 miles to Stev
    -ensons the place of Stoping
    for the night      some high
    post oak land & Prarie
    rooling enough for Cultiva
    tion      in a few miles come
    to Scruby oak & hickory land
    very Sandy      fine for po-
    tatoes ground peas & some
    good cotton land      all roling
    and rather richer as we
    came near Brasos River
    to Mr. Perrymans 50 m
    miles from Houston      The
    Brasos Bottoms very rich
    & wide resembling Red
    River lands      the river very
    muddy & poor Navigation
    crossed 8 miles below the
    Town of Washinton
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 11) 14 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 12) 14-18 April 1848

  • Wednesday 19th      hunted
    & looked at land      Saw
    a great variety of land
    a Large Body of Prarie
    from Washington out 8 miles
    mostly Sandy      Some hog
    Wallow land      different
    from any I ever Saw      ly-
    ing on the Side of hills &
    at the top of the hills
    Black & very little
    Sand      the Best quality
    of Prairie,      near Grants
    went through what is
    called Cedar Break
    Black Prairie Soil
    & Covered with Small
    notty Cedar large enough
    for house poles & then
    into Cedar land of a
    Sandy Black hammock
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 13) 19 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 14) 19 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 15) 20 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 16) 20-22 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 17) 22-23 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 18) 23 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 19) 23-24 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 20) 24 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 21) 24 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 22) 24-25 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 23) 25 April 1848
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    Genl Lewis

    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 24) 25 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 25) 25-26 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 26) 26 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 27) 26-27 April 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 28) 27-28 April 1848

  • Fine Small creeks & Branches
    Some pine land & Some hog Bed
    pine land      Staid at Mr. A Green,s
    the ?????? night      rained the
    latter part of the night
    & morning Saturday 30th
    From there we traveled on
    the road to Livingston the
    County Cite of Polk County
    the road pass through Some pine
    land & then Came to Some
    fine Oak & Hickery & next
    to post oaks & Black Jack &
    ten miles from where we took the
    road into Livingston Came to
    a large Prarie of Black hog
    bed land of about 1000 Acres
    & soon came to a Creek called
    Long cane      half mile of very
    rich cane land Black hog bed
    land      the finest Kind of timber
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 29) 28-29 April 1848

  • Saw a Honey Locas that was
    near 3 feet diamter & 40 feet
    to a limb & came through ½
    mile of rich timbered Sandy
    land & Staid Saturday
    night with Mr. Jones on the
    first Hill from the creek
    land & the place Settled first
    by Capt A. Green & Mr. Barnes
    six miles from Livingston
    & 14 miles from Swartout on
    the Trinity river traveled on
    Saturday 24 miles
    Tavern bill two night                      2.00
    at Green,s & at Jones 1 each
    Sunday 30th day of April May from
    Jones pass 8 fine runing Branches
    in 5 miles to Levingston passd
    through Some good land on
    the Branches & fine timber
    of all Kinds & through some
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 30) 29-30 April 1848

  • hog bed pine & post oak
    land from Levingston to
    Swartout 8 miles passed a
    creek call Long King &
    Some heavy timbered land
    & came to poor hog bed be
    fore geting to Swartout
    passed a prarie about
    three miles long & one
    wide of Black rich
    hog bed Prarie & then
    oak & pine hog bed to
    Swartout on the bank
    of Trinity a Sandy Spot
    with Ceader growth Stoped to
    Diner at Mr. Baley,s      had a
    fine Dinner, & a very pleasant
    Lady, crossed the ferry and
    passed Some fine land 1/2
    mile in width & Some low
    wet swamp very bad road
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 31) 30 April 1848

  • came out of the Swamp on a
    high ceader prarie Small &
    Broken & then into Sandy hills
    & continued upon the hills in
    4 four miles of the river to Colonel
    Williamsons 8 miles from
    Swartout rich Black prarie
    land very high traveled 22
    miles on Sunday
    Monday 1st May paid                     1.00
    from Colonel Williamsons we con
    tinued up the river from
    3 to six miles of the river
    mostly oak & hickory Sandy
    land good cotton land some
    post oak hog bed land & some
    rich black land on the
    creeks passed several places
    Said to be fine plantations
    cultivating cane lands on
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 32) 30 April -1 May 1848

  • the river      Mr. Harrells a very
    good looking place on a
    creek bank rich land
    a vacant house two Story
    Building painted now own
    ed by Govonour Wood
    & Judge Jones,s plantation
    also Govonour Wood,s
    place of Residence      Said
    to be a fine plantation
    with an early crop we
    were told a large field
    of corn bunching to Tassel
    and from there 3 miles out
    through mostly pine woods
    to Mr. Abbeys Some of the
    best Sandy land are rowling
    but not too much to cultivate
    with parts of it like
    the land on Caleebe creek
    Macon County & some much
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 33) 1 May 1848

  • Staid at Mr Abbeys                     1.00

    better land,      Judge Jones of
    Galveston wishes to Sell his
    place      has taken off his
    hands & rented it out,      Saw
    Several good looking p an unknown place aces
    deserted & going to rack
    2nd May Tuesday      left Mr. Abbeys
    20 miles from Huntsville Wal
    -ker County passed through
    mostly pine land mixed with
    oak hickry Dogwood Sweet
    gum Some very good cotton
    land & on East Sanjacinto
    Some good cane land &
    near Huntsville      Some Small
    Prarie      took dinner at
    Huntsville a very pretty
    town county cite of Walker
    from Huntsvill four miles
    pine land 4 miles & came
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 34) 1-2 May 1848

  • to large Praries some 2
    miles or more & continued
    out to Mr. Porters 15 miles
    from Huntsville & in large
    Prarie a great deal of it
    rich black prarie Saw
    gullies 4 feet perfectly
    Black, also Some large
    Sandy prairie covered
    with white oak runner
    Bushes about knee high
    traveled 35 miles to Mr. Porters
    May 3rd Wednesday paid                1.00
    Started on to Mr. Barnes &
    traveled through Prarie
    with with small slop[e]s
    of Post oak land prarie lying
    Beautifully & generally
    good      Saw 15 deer &
    several gangs of Tur Keys
    The first 4 miles the prarie
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 35) 2-3 May 1848

  • Continued about ten miles
    the largest commenced about
    6 miles      Saw a prarie of Sever
    -al thousand acres and only
    a few post oaks interspersed
    on general good & mostly
    Black      it is called Roans
    Prarie a gentleman of that
    name living on one Side
    of it has a good well
    about 50 feet Deep lime
    water (not generally as well
    watered as the praries near
    Fanthrorps      Mr. Roan lives
    8 miles from Fanthorps &
    on the near edge to that
    place four miles of post
    oak & Black Jack Sandy
    land betwen that large
    Prarie & the Fanthorp
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 36) 3 May 1848

  • got to Mr. Barnes about
    2 oclock Wednesday
    20 miles
    Thursday 4th      left Mr. Barnes,
    & arrived at Washinton about
    2 oclock, paid our wag-
    gon hire                                            20.00
    Friday 5th paid Stage
    passage to Austin & San Antonio                15.00
    Tavern Bill at Washington                      1.50
    Traveled through prarie
    most of the way      Some post
    oak ridges      Some fine prarie
    to Independance 12 miles
    from Washinton in the Same
    County      a good School
    after leaving that place the
    prarie very good & gen-
    erally 3 or 4 miles wide
    with Some live oak in
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 37) 3-5 May1848

  • Small clusters & Some
    post oak clusters      about
    enough for settlements or
    Shade for cattle      the
    live oaks very low with
    large tops Seldom over
    thirty feet high      passed Judge
    Lipscombs      a fine grove of
    live oaks about his house
    5 miles from Independance
    he informed that there
    were 700 children at
    School in Washinton
    County      a population
    of 5000      Stoped for the
    night at Fuller,s      30
    miles from Washington
    paid at Fullers                               1.00
    Saturday 6th      Traveled through
    Large Prarie on to Lagrange
    Mr. McGar Killed that
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 38) 5-6 May1848

  •                     Fayett County
    morning a Prarie cock
    the praries wide to La-
    grange      30 miles      60 from
    Washinton we were in
    -formed that they were
    from 4 to six miles in
    width with on Small
    c[l]usters of live Oak
    & Some of post oak
    generally Black land
    the gullys 4 feet Deep
    perfectly Black      all
    through the prarie are
    places of Sand rock
    & gravelly Spots of flint
    & Sand Stone from Small
    pebble to 4 pounds in
    weight      we dined
    at that town & I
    called at Mr. W. Barden,s
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 39) 6 May1848

  • Lagrange a Small
    Town on the Colorada
    River      crossed at that place
    passed up the river on
    the the Second Bluf about
    one or two miles from the
    River the land a rich
    Chocolate Colour and
    lying most beautifull
    Some Some fine corn
    growing      Saw the first
    musket musket bushes
    Small trees the largest
    about the size of peach
    Trees but mostly bushes
    they are a Specis of locus
    a dwarf Locus & bear
    a pod resembling the
    Locus      the muskete grass
    quite abundant
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 40) 6 May1848

  •                     Bastrop County
    recrossed the river 12
    miles above & contin-
    ued upon the east
    Side      Saw very little good
    land untill we got
    to Mr. Hills      making 50
    miles that day & 80 from
    Washinton from Hills
    Sunday 7th                               1.00
    Changed Horses at the
    Town of Bastrop      the
    Court house of that
    County 15 miles      tra
    veled up the east Side
    of the river and about
    2 miles from the river
    poor post oak and
    gravely land & Some poor
    pine land gra-
    velly also      Some poor
    cedar Brake full
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 41) 6-7 May1848

  • of Gravel      saw very
    little good land for
    30 miles or more to Web-
    -bers prarie      lay on the
    river a beautiful pra-
    rie of 2000 Acres or more
    lying very level & a rich
    chocolate colour
    took dinner at that
    Prarie at a Mr Manors
    & from there pass a
    large creek & Some
    poor Sandy & gravelly
    land untill in five
    miles of Austin we
    came to large prarie
    lying rolling black but
    very full of gravel
    all the prarie that we
    have traveled through
    are plenty of creeks
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 42) 7 May1848

  • or Branches of
    runing water & some
    fine Springs the water
    warm & strong      lime
    wells easily got      none
    over 60 feet & often not
    20 feet deep      we have
    not found any cold well
    water though better than
    the Springs
    Mr. McGar Shot at three
    Deer Seting in the Stage
    about 70 or 80 yards
    Saturday evening Stand
    ing      got no meat
    got to Austin the
    Capitol of the State
    Sunday evening about 7
    oclock      130 miles from
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 43) 7 May1848

  • Austin is about 400 Yards
    from the Bank of Colorado
    two or tree miles below
    the falls & mountain hills
    the people Generally use
    river water which [is] clear
    but not cold
    remained in Austin Mon
    -day 8th      the Town con-
    tains about 1000 inhabi-
    tants & has about 100 chil-
    dren at School
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 44) 7-8 May1848

  • Teusday 9th      left Austin
    for San Antonio      crossed one
    mile below town & passed
    through two miles of high
    broken prarie      a good portion
    of it very rocky & gravelly
    after geting out a few
    miles the praries become
    large & rich but most
    of it gravelly      13 miles
    came to a fine Spring
    in or below a live oak
    grove      water the best we
    have seen called man
    Shack Spring & then to
    a live oak grove & a
    fine Spring runing out
    of it near the creek or
    river RivBlanco      20 miles
    from Austin      saw very
    little timber      Some live
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 45) 9 May 1848

  • Oak resembling old apple
    Orchards in a decaying
    State      crossed the St. Marks
    River just below the head
    Spring      a beautiful clear
    Stream      the handsomest
    I ever Saw.      Some very
    rich low grounds near
    it a mile in width
    the timber poor      took
    Dinner at the Town of the
    Same naime paid                               0.50
    the land near the St. Marks
    is very rich of the Chocolate
    colour      Some Gravel mix
    -ed in it      the timber Scruby
    Elm & Live oak      after
    leaving the river flat
    passed through large
    Prarie      generaly good
    & Some very rich & Black
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 46) 9 May 1848

  • all the way to the Waloop
    river & near the river
    is very fine Black prarie
    & lies beatifuly      the
    Growth Scatering Elm
    Live oak musket or
    Dwarf Locus      we were
    in Sight of the hills
    or mountains from the
    St Marks where it breaks
    out of the Mountains to
    the Waloop river
    from two to five miles
    where they say that there
    is plenty of Timber but
    we Saw was very poor
    timber to[o] Scruby for rails
    but the land very fine
    But nearly all mixed
    with Gravel      the Waloop
    Waloop or Gaudaloop river
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 47) 9 May 1848

  • where we crossed at the
    Dutch town New Brauns
    -fels is a most Beautiful
    Stream      runs very Swift
    & is very clear forty or 50 yards
    wide      is fordable generaly
    the water good      very much
    like the St Marks but
    larger Stream & is Said
    to be a long Stream of
    over two hundred miles a-
    bove this.      The Comal a
    beautiful mill Stream
    runs through one Side of the
    town is as large as the St
    Marks is only three miles to
    its head the water very clear
    & a mill building on it in
    the town nearly ready to
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 48) 9 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 49) 9-10 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 50) 10 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 51) 11 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 52) 11 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 53) 12 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 54) 12 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 55) 13 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 56) 13-14 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 57) 14 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 58) 14-15 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 59) 15 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 60) 16 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 61) 16 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 62) 16 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 63) 17 May 1848
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    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 64) 17 May 1848

  • Thurday 18th      got to Levacca
    at 1/2 past 7 oclock
    the whole distance of
    12 miles a level Prarie
    mostly hog bed & Black
    Saw on the way this
    morning 106 Deer
    the land black & rich
    up to the bog but no
    timber      firewood rather
    paid hire of Waggon
    from San Antonia to
    this place                                    17.50
    paid passage on the Yacht
    for Galveston & orleans                26.00
    left about 1 oclock thurday
    Friday Morning 19th May
    Arrived at Galveston about
    7 oclock      put up at
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 65) 18-19 May 1848

  • Friday morning 19th May
    the Tremont House
    Saturday 20th
         Spent the day walking
    about the City & lying &
    Seting about the Tremont
    isited the New Cath
    -olic church      a large
    Building 130 feet Long
    & the end next the al-
    ter 80 feet wide      the
    main body of the
    church 60 feet      the
    windows ornamented
    with coulard glass
    one behind the alter
    with Christ pictured
    on the cross & on each
    Side one with the Vir-
    gin Mary & John all
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 66) 19-20 May 1848

  • represented in fine
    coloured Glass

    Sunday Morning 21st May
    paid Tavern Bill                          4.20
    packed Trunk and made
    ready to take passage at
    9 oclock for Orleans
    on the Steamer Galveston
    Started 5 minutes past 9 oclock
    had a fine day      boat
    very Steady & did not
    get Sick      Slept well at
    Monday morning 22nd May
    Sun rose clear      water very
    Smooth & boat Steady
    had a smooth pleasant time
    during the day & night
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 67) 20-22 May 1848

  • rained at night
    Teusday morning 23rd      clear morn
    -ing & pleasant
    landed at Orlean 1/2 past 9 oclock
    This morning 23rd
    left Orleans a little past
    4 oclock in the evening 23rd
    Wednesday morning 24th of
    May      landed at Mobile
    a little before 8 oclock
    rained in the night
    passage                               5.00
    Hack &c                               1.00
    porterage Mobile                0.50
    Took passage on the Louisa
    Hopkins for Montgomery
    left Mobile about 7 oclock
    Thursday 25th      clear morning
    got up to Claibourn 1/4 past 9
    rained about 8 oclock
    a fine rain
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 68) 23-25 May 1848

  • Friday 26th May
    a fine shower of rain
    about day light
    got to Selma about 5
    oclock this morning
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 69) 26 May 1848

  • April 19th 1849      left
         home in company with
         John C. Abercrombie
         for Louisanna & Texas
         got to C. Gunters that
         evening      camped in his
         grove 10 miles below
    20th      camped at a chuch
         8 miles from Cahaba
         a cold frosty night      was
         quite comfortably situated
    21st      got to Cahauba 1/2 past
         8 oclock      I left with Mr.      
         Speight      went out to
         Doct Englishes      20 miles
         Abercombie staid at
         Cahawba Ala after Din
         -ner & camped at
         Boughchitta 12 miles
         & over took me at 9 oclock
         the next day at Doct
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 70) 19-21 April 1849

  • 22nd      the next day at Doct
         Camped at a fine place
         good water 7 miles
         east of Linden about
         100 miles from Montgomery
    23rd      Started befor 6 oclock
         and got to the Bigbee
         River ½ past 4 oclock
         20 miles from Linden
         Some very Bad road
         but better than the road
         on Sunday & Saturday
         evening      rough prarie &
         Causway      Crossed the
         river & camped three
         miles out at a creek
         making 31 miles
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 71) 22-23 April 1849

  • Teusday 24th      Traveled 29 miles
          camped at Almucha
         old Town Lauderdale
         County Missippi,      had a
         little rain at 12 oclock
         in the day,      a poor piny wood
         country very Broken all
         the way from the Bigby
    Wednesday 25th      traveled 15 miles
         by 12 oclock      passed the
         Town of Marion courthouse
         of Lauderdale Co. & stoped
         for dinner 3 miles on
         the road to Paulding
         County      Jasper County
         went on 9 or 10 miles on
         very Bad road      broken
         & poor hills      the poorest country
         I have seen,      made 24 miles
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 72) 24-25 April 1849

  • 1849
    Teusday 26th      Traveled on through
         a Broker poor hill country
         crossed Chickesaha
         river & a little Town
         called Enterprise on
         the Bank of the river
         poor pine land up to
         the Bank      no swamp
         stoped to inder at a little
         Creek near Mr. Huff,s
         17 miles,      continued on
         after dinner 7 miles
         crossed a large creek
         some fine timber but
         mostly poor pine woods
         rained & camped
         early      24 miles today
    Friday 27th      passed through Pald-
         ing the County Cite of Jasper
         & traveled on to Shelby,s
         in all 30 miles      took a
         cold bath
    [lower left margin, day] 9)
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 73) 26-27 April 1849

  • Saturday 28th      a Sprinkling morn
         -ing faired of[f]      crossd Leaf
         River about 8 miles from
         our camp      Stoped at 12 ocl-
         ock in the hills lost,      traveled
         this day all day & gained
         but 10 or 15 miles on ac-
         count of a creek bridge
         Coha creek –
    Sunday 29th      rained a light
         rain at night where we
         were & a hard rain a head
         traveled 28 miles      camped
         at a church 18 miles from
         Montacello a fine Spring &
         creek a beatiful camp
         ing place
    Monday 30th      left camp before sun
          rise & got to the Pearl river
         ferry at 11 oclock 18 miles
         Montecelo on the west Bank
    [lower left margin, day] 12)
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 74) 28-30 April 1849

  • the County Cite of Lawrence
         105 miles from the Mouth of
         Red river traveled on ten
         miles & camped
    May 1st      Teusday left camp at
         1/2 past 5 oclock and
         went to Homesville pike
         County to dinner      20 miles
         eat on the Bank of a large
         Creek called Bougechitta
         in the edge of the town
         camped 8 miles from Homes-
         -ville at Mr Quins on little
         Tanchapaho & four miles
         further crossed Big Tichapaha
    [left margin] Traveled 30 miles
    May 2      Wednesday Traveled about
         28 miles camped three miles
         West of Liberty Amit County
         crossed East & west prong
         of Amit river
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 75) 30 April - 2 May 1849

  • May 3rd Thursday      Traveled about
         28 miles camped 2 1/2 miles
         from Woodville Wilkinson
         County      called next morning
         on Doct D. Holt
    Friday 4th      got to Woodville 6 oclock
         Stoped over two Hours to
         lay in Supplies      a little rain
         made the Magnolia & Beech
         Hills very Slipery      The land
         rich & Broken noby short hills
         camped at a small Branch
         12 miles from the mouth of the
         river      raney night
    Saturday 5th      passed the worst hills
         this morning for 9 miles
         got to the ferry at 1/2 past 11 oclock
         got over the river 1/2 past 5
         & camped 1 mile from the ferry
         had plenty of mosquitoes
         ferage $8.50      cross lake 2.50 at?
         ??? bank? and diner?
    [lower left corner, day] 17)
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 76) 3-5 May 1849

  • Sunday May 6th      traveled up
         the Chofelier Byou
         12 miles to Sims Ferry got
         there a little after 9 oclock
         Saw the Best corn & in
         Tassel some Stalks ferried
         over the Buyo three miles &
         a mile further ferried over
         Yellow Buyo at Doct McClan
         -ahan      Staid in the house
         made 16 miles
    [left margin] ferage $1.10      ferage $8.50
    Monday 7th      traveled 8 miles &
         came to the Cut off of
         Buyo Deglaze three miles
         through bad Swamp
         & mud & came on 5 miles
         & camped at a french man’s
         last 19 miles hard travel
    Tuesday 8th      Came on two miles &
         came to Buyo Rouge & then
          a few miles to Huff power
         Buyo Stoped to Dinner at
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 77) 6-8 May 1849

  •                Ierens
         Mr Iron,s Sugar mill
         on Huff Power Buyo a very
         raney wet day up to 12 oclock
         12 miles & then about 3 miles
         to Buyo Beff up that
         to Chaneyville & 4 miles
         further to Mr Loyd,s in
         all 26 miles a beautifull
         rich level Sugar land
         & many fine Plantations
    Wednesday 9th      a hard rain in
         the morning made a late start
         traveled up the Buyo Bef
         5 five miles & then out on
         the Texas road in pine land
         on to Mr Pauls      25 miles
    Thursday 10th      took the fort Jesup
         road through Clayey pine woods
         the wo an unknown person st road I ever Saw
         Stoped at 12 oclock without
         passing a Town or meeting any
    [lower left margin] 22 days)
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 78) 8-10 May 1849

  • continued on after diner      had
    to head a creek & got to Mrs
    Thompsons just at night      30
         miles & never passed a
         house & a bad road
    Friday 11th      Traveled on to
         Mr. Holts Sulpher Springs
         20 miles to dinner &
         7 miles after dinner
         to Mr Neeleys
    Saturday 12th      Traveled 20 miles to
         Fort Jesup eat Dinner &
         went to George & Jack Thomson,s      5
    [left margin] 24 days)
    Sunday 13th 14th      Spent at Mr. Thomp
         Teusday 15th      left Thompson,s & Stayed
         that night with Mr. John
         Jordan 20 miles from
    Wednesday 16th      Went to Mansfield
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 79) 10-16 May 1849

  • and from there to Doctor Bald
         -win,s      a heavy night &
         morning rain      crops all
         deep in the Grass
    Thursday 17th Went to Mr Davis,s to
         Dinner & to Col Wm O
         Baldwins in the evening      Saw
         Some grand cane lands
    Friday 18th      Looked at land in the vicin
         ity of Col Baldwin      Saw Gam-
         -ble land
    Saturday 19th      Went home with Moses
         Davis      Saw Some fine land
    Sunday 20th      At Davises & wrote letters &
         in the evening went home with
         Mr Davis
    Monday 21st      went to Mansfield Saw
         a great many acquaintances
         Staid at night with Doctor
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 80) 16-21 May 1849

  • Teusday 22nd      went home with Col
         Baldwin & after dinner
         to Mr Haden,s
    Wednesday 23rd      returned in the eve-
         -ning to Col Baldwin,s
    Thursday 24th      Started for Sheveport
         Stoped at 12 oclock at Mr.
         Hall,s & left at 2 oclock and
         went to David Gilmer,s      11
         miles from Shrveport
    Friday 25th      Started on 1/2 past 7 ocl
         ock & had a fine rain
         before we got to Shreveport
    Saturday 26      left Shreveport & went
         out to Colonel J W Campbells
    Sunday 27th      Went to Colonel D. J. Hook,s
         and spent the day
    Monday 28th      left for Nocogdoches
         got to Major Edmon? Smiths Elisian
         fields Texas Harrison Cty      5
         miles & looked at his land 4600 Acres
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 81) 22-28 May1849

  • Teusday 29th      left and crossed the
         Sabine River 15 miles & then
         to Mr. Forsyths 9 miles & camped
    Wednesday 30th      traveled on to Mr.
         Vincins Store 26 miles & camped
         25 miles from Nocogdoches
         Rusk County,
         crossed the Sabine River at
         Grand Bluff Panola County
    Thursday 31st      Traveled 25 miles
         to Nacogdoches Town      passed
         through some red lands &
         oak Sand Hills
    Friday 1st June,      went out eight miles
         see Neil Marten & returned
         to Nacogdoches & traveled 8 miles
         to Mr Haiters
    Saturday 2nd      on the road to the
         Town of Crocket Saw Some fine
         red prarie & Black Jack land
         Between Angelena & Naches Rivers
         traveled 27 miles to Mr. Durins fr
         from Autauga Cont
    [left margin] Saturday 2nd      Cherokee Ct to Naches
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 82) 29 May - 2 June 1849

  • one mile west of Naches in
    in Houston County
    Sunday June 3rd      traveled 25 miles
         camped at Mr John J. Burton,s
         1 mile from the town of
         Crocket Houston County
    Monday 4th      traveled the Cincinatti road
         by Westmorelands & then
         on the Robbins ferry road to
         Mr Kenada,s      20 miles      camped
         a rainy evening & night
    Teusday 5th      traveled 18 miles      crossed
         Trinity River      passed through
         a Gama Grass prarie of at
         least 3 miles,      Grass as thick &
         tall as good wheat
    Wednesday 6th      in Grimes County
         got within 14 miles of Fanthorps      traveled 19
         miles,      Cork had colick
         land poor prarie & post oak
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 83) 2-6 June 1849

  • Thursday 7th June      got to Mr J W Barnes
         to Dinner      got a letter from
         Wife & News papers
    Friday 8 & Saturday 9th      at
         Mr Barnes,
    Sunday 10th      left for Montgomery
         County Staid at Mr Grigs
    Monday 11th      at Mr. Green,s      Still in
         Grimes County
    Tuesday 12th      at Genl Lewis, Sanjacinto
    Wednesday 13th      Stoped at Mr. Cur-
         ruthers 4 miles from Danville
         Montgomery County
    Thursday 14th      dined at Colonel Lewins
         Sanjacinto & then to Montgomery
    Friday 15th      to Mr. Stoneums in
         Grimes County
    Saturday 16th      to Mr J. W. Barnes,s
    Sunday 17th      Spent at Barnes
    Monday 18th      went to Fanthorps
         after Dinner to Mr Stonums
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 84) 7-18 June 1849

  • Teusday 19th      Went to Colonel C.
         Louins, Sanjacinto
    Wednesday 20th To Danville & looked
         at Mr J. Lindleys Land
    Thursday 21st      Bought Mr J. Lindley,s
         land 1416 Acres at one Dollar
         per Acre & Staid Both
         nights at Mr. Curruthers
    Friday 22nd      took a Deed &
         paid for the land & went
         out & staid at Mr Curruthers
    Saturday 23rd Rented Mr. Carothers
         place & engaged his corn
         at 50 cents & went to Mr
         Ch Louin,s & Bought 6000
         feet plank
    Sunday 24th      Went on to
         Montgomery to Dinner
         got My Deed recorded
         & then to Mr J. Green,s
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 85) 19-25 June 1849

  • Monday 25th      Went to Mr
         Barnes to Dinner
    Teusday 26th      Spent at Barnes,
         Got letters from home
    Wednesday 27th      Started for
         home      camped 7 miles
         from Huntsville      30 miles
    Thursday 28th      camped 2 miles
         from Cincinatti on Trinity
         17 miles
    Friday 29th      Crossed Trinity River
         at Cincinatti,      road very bad
         on the East side 4 miles out
         traveled 25 miles camped at
         a campmeeting ground Mr
         Holmarks,      passed through
         some a large Sandy Prarie
         5 or six miles wide
    Saturday 30th traveled 28 miles
         to Mr Newman,s      pine
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 86) 25-30 June 1849

  •                      1st July
    Sunday 1st July,      crossed the
         Naches & Angelina
         rivers      camped at Mr Mc-
         Nights two miles east of
         Angelena River
    Monday 2nd      traveled 23 miles &
         camped 6 miles North east of
         Nacogdoches at Mr David Rusks
    Teusday 3rd      Traveled 20 miles
         Broke in a Bridge over
         a small creek      6 feet high
         & Broke nothing nor no seri-
         ous injury to the horses      camped
         at a Branch by a Mexican,s
    Wednesday 4th      Traveled 14 miles
         to dinner fed & cooked
         at Mr. Hilliards 15 miles
         from Logans port      camped
         at Major Truitts      21 miles
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 87) 1-4 July 1849

  • Thursday July 5th      traveled ten
         miles      crossed the Sabine
         River at Logans port & from
         there to Mr Henry Rugeleys
         3 miles from Logans port
    Friday 6th      Left our waggons
         at Mr. Rugeleys & went to
         Major Coles & to Mr Robert
         G. Hadens to get land titles
         for Milo Abercrombie & return-
         ed in the evening to Mr Rugeleys
    Saturday 7th      Went to Colonel
         Wm O. Baldwin,s      about
         10 miles
    Sunday 8th      remained at Colonel
         Baldwins untill Teusday
         10th went to Wm Davis,
    Wednesday 11th      to Dr Baldwins
         & mansfield
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 88) 5-11 July 1849

  •                For home
    Thursday 12th      Started from
         Doctor Baldwin,s for
          home      passed through Mans-
         field & left at 8 oclock &
         Traveled 26 miles to Mr
         Warners - rained all day
    Friday 13th      Started 1/2 past
         5 oclock & got to fort
         Jessup 1/2 past ten &
         fed 12 miles & traveled
         12 miles & camped near a creek
         making 24 miles – rained all
         day & Sprinked at night
    Saturday 14th      Got to Holts springs
         at 12 oclock 14 miles & Stoped
         on account of high water
    Sunday 15th      traveled on to Mrs
         Thompson,s      20 miles      to
         dinner & then crossed the
         Buyo ?Seper?      had a heavy rain
         & camped      made 26 miles
    [left margin, in a box] Flood
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 89) 12-15 July 1849

  • Monday 16th      Traveled a wet Slopy
         Road to Paul,s      18 miles
         fed & crossed over a creek
         by rolling the waggons
         by hand & swiming
         the horses & went out 6 miles
         & camped at a pretty creek
         made 24 miles today
    Teusday 17th      Fed & eat Dinner
         at Mr. Loyd,s on Buyo Bef
         & staid at night with
         Mr. Iren,s on Hufpower
         Buyo,      good Mosquito Bars
         33 miles
    Wenesday 18th      traveled down
         below the Cut off &
         Staid at Mr Clanihan
         Buyo Deglaze      25 miles
    Thursday 19th      Crossed Buyo Deglaze
         & Chofelier Buyo at one ferage
         2 miles & then Yellow Buyo
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 90) 16-19 July 1849

  • above buyo Deglaze & came
    down to the mouth of red
         River & Crossed the
         Missippi & Staid at
         Mrs Franklins Steam mill
         made 20 miles to the
         ferry Mississippi River
    Friday 20th      left for home and
         camped 6 miles east of
         Pinkneyville on the
         Woodville road
         Saw a Sassafras full
         4 feet through 4 miles
         from Pinkneyville east
         22 miles today      rainy day
    Saturday 21st      Stoped to feed &
         cook dinner      3 miles
         east of Woodville      13 miles
         traveled on 9 miles to Mr Mc
         Gahas?      Staid in the house
          a very mudy road all day
         22 miles      rainy day
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 91) 19-21 July 1849

  • Sunday 22nd      traveled on through
         Liberty & camped      5 miles
         east of that place      made 24 miles
    Monday 23rd      traveled about 23
         miles & camped two miles
         west of Homesville
    Teusday 24th      made a Short Stop
         at homesville      got Corks
         Shoes naild & clinched
         & crossed Bougechitta
         river in a flat &
         traveled on 9 miles of
         Columbia      County Cite
         of Marion County
         made 22 miles
    Wednesday 25th      Traveled on to
         Pearl river      7 miles      fered
         over & two miles to Colum
         bia & traveled on 15
         miles & camped in
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 92) 22-25 July 1849

  •      an old field making
         24 miles rained
    Thursday 26th      traveled on to
         Bouie River      19 miles
         & fed & eat dinner
         Crossed in a flat-
         & then 4 1/2 miles to Leaf
         River      crossed in a flat
         went out three miles to
         a pine woods Branch
         & camped      making 27
         miles      heavy rain
         Monroe a very old & little
         town one mile west of
         Leaf river      38 miles east
         of Columbia
    Friday 27th      left camp at 6
         oclock      came on 7 miles
         to Tallahaley river &
         crossed in a flat      a small
         river but very full
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 93) 25-27 July 1849

  •      Crossed Bogehomo
          river & many large
         creeks & bad Bridges
         3 bad bridges in half
         a mile      like to have
         fallen in one of them
         27 miles today      camped
         near the 3 Bridges
         no rain in the day but rain
         -ed at night      10 oclock      Just
         one month since we
         left Mr J.W. Barne,s Texas
         & it has rained every day
         except two
    Saturday 28th      Traveled all day &
         ony gained 20 miles      had
         to head a creek      crossed
         Chickasaha river at
         Mr Pattons ferry & camped
         near his house      Slept in his
         house      a hard rain
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 94) 27-28 July 1849

  • Sunday 29th      left camp at 6
         oclock & went 8 miles
         to a large creek called
         Buckatunna creek
         & crossed in a flat
         crossed the line Between
         Miss. & Alabama at
         11 oclock      got into Wash-
         -ington County      had
         a hard rain & made
         no coffee      too wet
         Got corn at Mr Jordan,s
         18 miles from Patton,s ferry
         & 6 miles West from the
         old Washington
         Court House, we camped
         at Mrs Listers      two miles east
         of the old court house      made
         25 miles,      about two miles
         of Broken lime land near
         the court house      very bad road
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 95) 29 July 1849

  • Monday 30th      left camp late
         45 minutes past 6 oclock
         & traveled 6 miles &
         passed Bladon Springs
         & then 7 miles to Bigby
         River Coffeeville & on
         7 miles to Mr Cox,s &
         camped at a church 20 miles
    Teusday 31st      We went on to Macon
         (County Cite) of Clarke got
         there at one oclock Aber
         -crombie very sick & Staid
         untill next day only 15 miles
    Wednesday 1st of August,      left
         Macon at 8 oclock Ab
         -ercrombie very unwell
         & traveled on 12 miles &
         Stoped to Dinner at Mr
         West & then on to Cla
         -borne 21 miles got into
         town 5 oclock & a hard rain
         none [too] soon
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 96) 30 July - 1 August 1849

  • Thursday 2nd      Waited all
         day for a boat
    Friday 3rd      got aboard of
         the Sunny South
         with our Waggons &
         teams about 12 oclock
    Saturday 4th      Got to Mont-
         gomery 12 oclock at
         Night, & Drove out home
         about 3 oclock
         Sunday morning
    Green Wood Travel Journal (page 97) 2-4 August 1849
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