William Jacob Sasnett

b. 29 April 1820, d. 3 November 1865

William Jacob Sasnett, 1820-1865
  • William Jacob Sasnett was born on 29 April 1820 in Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia.
  • He married Sarah Helen Hall, daughter of Bolling Hall and Jane Abercrombie, on 23 April 1841. William Jacob Sasnett's father's sister Sarah Jane Sasnett married Sarah Helen Hall's first cousin William Terrell Hall. Also, William Jacob's sister Sarah Jane married Absolom Harris, whose maternal grandfather was Dixon Hall..
  • Methodist clergyman William J. Sasnett was a Methodist clergyman who served as a a professor at Oxford College (later Emory University), and was the first president of East Alabama Mens College (later Auburn University) from 1858 to 1861.
  • William Jacob Sasnett and Sarah Helen Hall appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1860 in Macon County, Alabama. Other members of the household included Laura Jane Sasnett, Martha E. Sasnett, William J. Sasnett, Bolling Hall Sasnett, Rhoda Eva Sasnett, Sallie Sasnett, Mary E. Sasnett and Ann Louisa Sasnett.
  • He was a Methodist Episcopal minister, according to the 1860 census.
  • William Jacob Sasnett died on 3 November 1865 at age 45 in Hancock County, Georgia.
  • His wife Sarah Helen Hall became a widow at his death.
  • He was interred at Sparta Cemetery, Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia.
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Family: Sarah Helen Hall b. 11 October 1824, d. 1 June 1892