T. Wesley Smith

b. circa 1820
  • T. Wesley Smith was born circa 1820 in Kentucky.
  • T. Wesley Smith appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1880 in Montgomery County, Texas.
  • He was a merchant, according to the 1880 census.
  • Evelina Wood wrote from Willis, Texas, to her grandson Wood Powell in Christian County, Illinois on 12 April 1887, ". . . Ella is assisting Mrs. Woolridge in preparing for Maud's wedding (the only daughter) She marries on the 14, next Thursday night. A Mr. Watson who stands well in Willis. he is a dry goods clerk in T. W. Smith's store. Ella assisted in making ten large cakes yesterday & they are finishing them this morning. Ella’s afternoon will be devoted to icing & embossing them. she had several cakes baked here & will prepare some of the meats in her kitchen. Mrs. W. knows very little about such things. . . . Billie & Josie will be in to the wedding. Dr. W. lives across the street from us. I expect to witness the ceremony. . . ."
         Letter in private collection of B. M. Henwood, descendant of Wm Wood Powell; original transcription by R. E. Reichardt. Minimal punctuation added to enhance readability.
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