Samuel Fielding Spiller

b. circa 1819, d. 14 June 1859
  • Samuel Fielding Spiller was born circa 1819 in Buckingham County, Virginia.
  • He was known as Fielding.
  • He married Elizabeth E. Kyle on 8 June 1841.
  • Samuel Fielding Spiller and Elizabeth E. Kyle appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Montgomery County, Texas. Other members of the household included Robert Fielding Spiller, William Marcellus Spiller, Mary Hester Spiller and George Kyle Spiller.
  • On Thursday, 13 June 1850, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Sent for Doct. Spiller to L[eah] Guilford."
  • He was a physician, according to the 1850 census.
  • On Wednesday, 12 February 1851, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Doctor Spiller came to see Mr. Ben Brock."
  • By deed dated 5 September 1851 in Walker County, Texas, Thomas Carothers of Walker County sold to Peter Coffee Harris of Macon County, Alabama, 892 acres of land for the sum of $2,676. Witnessed by William B. Wood and Sam F. Spiller, recorded 17 September 1851.
         On 5 April 1852, Harris sold the same property (described as 880 acres more or less) on Winters bayou to his son-in-law Willis Breazeal Wood for the sum of $5,000. Recorded in Walker County 23 June 1852.
  • Evelina Wood wrote on 14 May 1855, to her daughter Lizzie Powell, undergoing treatment for cancer in Murfreesboro, Tennessee: ". . . Dr Spiller Asks Campbell to bring him Mr Powell's letter every week. . . . Mrs Dr Spiller took dinner here Yesterday, she said give her love to you and send Wood a kiss -- Virginia has got well. . . ." Letter in private collection of B. M. Henwood, descendant of Wm Wood Powell; original transcription by R. E. Reichardt.
  • Evelina Wood wrote on 28 May 1855, to her daughter Lizzie Powell: ". . . Rose's child is very ill and has been for six days -- when I was able to be up they told me it had been sick then three days but as I was sick no one would name it -- It took the same cold which has been going the rounds in the family -- Dr Spiller has been attending to him for five days, and I do not see that he improves any -- I have had him in my room ever since Dr Spiller has been coming to see him -- but would let him go home to sleep at night. This morning I had him brought in as soon as I was out of bed and found he had a chill -- I shall keep him in the house all the time day and night until there is a change -- I have got entirely well except a slight cough which is gradually giving way. . . ."
  • On Monday, 10 December 1855, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Paid Mr S. Spiller $10 for a pair of spoted pigs."
  • Samuel Fielding Spiller died on 14 June 1859 in Walker County, Texas, . According to the 1860 Walker County Mortality Schedule, Samuel F. Spiller, age 45, born in Virginia, Physician, died June 1869, "Stabbed in Fight."
  • His wife Elizabeth E. Kyle became a widow at his death.
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    Dr. Samuel Fielding Spiller, the son of George W. Spiller and Mary (Polly) Spears, known as Fielding, was born in 1819 in Buckingham County, Virginia. He was enumerated on the 1840 Buckingham County census, Southern District. He was married on 8 June 8 1841 in Campbell County, Virginia, to Elizabeth Kyle. The couple relocated to Danville, Montgomery County, Texas, in 1846. S. F. Spiller appears on the 1847 tax list, rendering 258 acres in the Joseph Lindley headright with a value of $776. He also owned seven slaves and a gold watch. Fielding was mentioned in a letter written in May 1849 by his brother, George Spiller, as being the most prosperous physician in the Danville area: "Wright, Grigsby, and Landrum . . . will have to move to get a support in some other way for Fieldings practice is worth more than all the other three together." In 1850, Fielding was living in the vicinity of Lone Oak with his wife and four children, and owned real estate valued at $300. He moved his family to Waverly after 1850. He was murdered there on 14 June 1859 by A. Isaacs, a shoemaker, while coming to the aid of a woman being accosted on the street. His wife Elizabeth died shortly thereafter, and their five children were reared by his brother Preston H. Spiller.
         Biographical sketch prepared by Karen McCann Hett as part of "Danville Doctors" for a future edition of the MCG&HS History of Montgomery County, Texas.
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Family: Elizabeth E. Kyle b. circa 1825