William Moughon

b. circa 1803, d. 30 July 1830
  • William Moughon was born circa 1803.
  • He married Ellen Emeline Mitchell, daughter of John Mitchell and Elizabeth Green Wood, on 6 February 1828 in Jones County, Georgia.
  • His wife Ellen Emeline Mitchell became a widow at his death.
  • William Moughon died on 30 July 1830 in Jones County, Georgia, at the Indian Spring.
  • The following appeared on 14 August 1830 in the Macon Telegraph: Died, at the Indian Spring, on the 30th of July last, Mr. William Moughon, of Jones County, in the 27th year of his age.
  • John Mitchell qualified as executor of his son-in-law William Moughon and became guardian of minor Sarah Moughon, child of his daughter Ellen, until his death in 1841, at which time Alexander McDougald (husband of John Mitchell's daughter Frances) qualified as John Mitchell's executor and became guardian of Sarah Moughon.
  • Were Thomas Moughon, who married Mary Sanford, and William Moughon, who married Mary's cousin Ellen Mitchell, brothers?
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Family: Ellen Emeline Mitchell b. circa 1812, d. 30 May 1837