Elizabeth Green Wood

b. 16 January 1788, d. between 1852 and 1860
  • Elizabeth Green Wood was born on 16 January 1788 in Washington (later Jefferson) County, Georgia.
  • She married John Mitchell, son of John Mitchell and Sarah Thweatt, say 1809, and Elizabeth's sister Mary married John's brother Thomas.
  • She is mentioned in her father's will (written 27 November 1805), but not in the will of her brother Mark Red, dated 31 December 1816.
  • In a letter dated 1 October 1826 to Emera Anne Elizabeth Mitchell in Salem, Clark County, Georgia, Ellen Emeline Mitchell wrote from Palmetto Grove, Jones County, Georgia: Esteemed Cousin
         It has become my painful duty to inform you of the Death of my beloved Sister Caroline. . . .
    Sister Caroline was taken sick the day you left here and died on the 15th. . . .
    Cousin Emera, It is very sickly in Jones County at this time Uncle Julius has had a very sever attackt of the Billious fever we thought he would die but he is up and about but his little son is very sick Uncle Cad has 2 children likely to die, Harriotte and Augustus, Cousin Mary Mitchell is very sick. Cousin Mary Moughton is very sick and has lost a son. Mother keeps in good health, but my health and Papa's has been very bad. Excuse bad writing and write soon You must call by as you go on to Alabama Present my love and compliments to Mr Thrasher and except the greatest share for yourself.
         Minimal punctuation added by the transcribe to enhance readability. A pencilled note by Emera Thrasher at the end of the letter: "This letter was written by Ellen Mitchell over 50 years ago, her mother was my mother's sister, her father and mine brothers, which makes double cousins. This is the 25 of May 1882." This letter appears here thanks to the generosity of Emera's descendant Charles Ingrum.
  • John Mitchell and Elizabeth Green Wood appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1840 in Humphries, Harris County, Georgia, with six slaves, three of whom were under 10 years old. It appears they were living next to William Mitchell, probably John's brother, who had a large family.. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Solon Wood Mitchell.
  • Elizabeth Green Wood became a widow at the 1841 death of her husband John Mitchell.
  • Elizabeth Green Wood appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Negro Heel, Harris County, Georgia. Other members of the household included Solon Wood Mitchell.
  • Mary Wood Mitchell wrote on 5 October 1852, in a letter to her niece Lizzie Green Wood Powell, "I expect you hear from our Ga kin, as they speak of you all in their letters. Solon Mitchell left here this day 3 weeks. Said he thought he should bring Sister here to look out a place to move to. If they can't suit themselves here they will go to Texas. S. says he will move & Sister will go with him. The great rain this summer completed the ruin of their land. I hope they will find a place near me. Green Tailor & many others are moveing off. Mrs Abercrombie intends selling out & moveing to Florida. I am looking for Sister, as Solon and W. Mitchell speak of going to Texas in Nov And they are to come here first. Solon thinks Sister would be pleasd with the Barton place. Eason says if she wants it she shall have it. As you dont see your cousins you cant know what good boys they are unless I tel you. I think they are alike in many things. Solon is in fine healt[h], has fattened & looks much better than when you saw him. He says he has learnd to govern himself, has found out the worth of his mother. He used to be peevish. Sister speaks of him in her last letters as her noble good Son. The boys both see[m] anxious that Sister & I should spend the remnant of our days near each other. Sister is obliged to move some where, or I should not expect her here. I try not to be too much elated but keep two strings to my bow -- if one wont work I,ll [t]ry the other. I have many blessings, no doubt as many as I deserve."
  • Elizabeth Green Wood died between 1852 and 1860 or according to one researcher, 20 March 1862.
  • On 27 November 1805, Solomon Wood signed the following will:
         In the name of God, Amen. I, Solomon Wood, being of good health and sound memory at present, thanks be to God for it, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, and also that it is every man’s duty to settle his affairs, do make, constitute and appoint this to be my last will and testament, that is to say, first I will bequeath my body to the dust and my soul to God, Who gave it, in hopes that He who formed me will have mercy on me.
         Secondly:- I will and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, six negroes to be her choice that are not named in my will, four horses and they to be her choice of all my stock, fifteen cows and calves, one yoke of steers and six steers for beef and all the hogs, sheep and geese.
         Six feather beds and furniture, including all household furniture to be hers forever and at her disposal with the plantation whereon I now live, with the tools belonging thereto to be hers during her natural life, also my stage wagon.
         Thirdly:- I will bequeath to my daughter, Elizabeth, four negroes, to wit:- Black Jenny; Cuffy, a fellow; Rachel, a girl mulatto and Delilah. One horse, bridle and saddle with one hundred and fifty dollars, ten cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture and household furniture equal to what has been given her sisters.
         Fourthly:- I will and bequeath to my three sons, namely, Green Wood, Mark Red Wood and John White Wood, all my lands and negroes, namely, Tony, Murphy, Bob, Guilford, Jim (a mulatto), David Turner, Dad Wright, Godfrey, Betty, Black Rachel, Patty, Jule and Fannie and three feather beds and furniture, thirty cows and calves and three horses, bridles and saddles to be worth one hundred and fifty dollars each and the said property is to be equally divided between them at Green's ariving at twenty years of age, also five hundred dollars for their education.
         Fifthly:- I will and bequeath that after my just debts are paid the remaining part of my property to be equally divided between my children, namely: Nancy, Polly, Elizabeth, Green, Mark Red, and John White.
         Sixthly:- I make and constitute and appoint Willis Brazial, Thomas Mitchell and Green Wood to be my executors of this my last will and testament.
         In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal, dated in Jefferson County, and State of Georgia, this the 27th day of November, 1805. (signed) Solomon Wood.
         Signed, sealed and acknowledged before us the day and year above written, Stephen Durowzeau and John Cowart.
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Family: John Mitchell b. say 1776, d. 1841