Hazel Virginia Pegues

b. 10 May 1911, d. 1966
  • Hazel Virginia Pegues was born on 10 May 1911 in Crystal City, Zavala County, Texas.
  • She was known as Virginia.
  • Edward Charles Pegues and Mary Lena Magee appeared in the US federal census of 1 January 1920 in Zavala County, Texas, at Avenue C. Other members of the household included Hazel Virginia Pegues, Ruth P. Pegues, Charles Melton Pegues and Claude King Pegues.
  • Mary Lena Magee appeared in the US federal census of 1 April 1930 in Crystal City, Zavala County, Texas, at Uvalde Street enumerated between the households of her husband's widowed daughter-in-law Beulah Pegues and son Scott Pegues.. Other members of the household included Hazel Virginia Pegues, Claude King Pegues.
  • She married Ancil Cate Mayhew on 13 January 1933.
  • Hazel Virginia Pegues became a widow at the 24 October 1943 death of her husband Ancil Cate Mayhew.
  • She married Andrew J. Lidwin on 16 September 1945.
  • The following appeared on 24 March 1957 in the San Antonio Light: "Families Descended from Samuel Butler Pegues (1778-1835) and his wife, Juliet (King) Pegues," is compiled by A. D. Pegues and Virginia P. Lidwin of Crystal City.
         This is a new book, mimeographed, and represents several years of continuous research from all the southern states. Mrs. Lidwin deserves a great deal of credit for her efforts in gathering this data that might never have been collected. Hoping to attract descendants of William Pegues and Sarah Hicks they have published this mimeographed copy, in order that others may be able to contribute information that will complete these lines.
         William Pegues, son of Claudius and Henrietta (Butler) Pegues, was born May 16, 1750, at Georgetown, S. C. He married first Elizabeth Saunders; second Sarah Hicks; he died March 18, 1818.
         Elizabeth Saunders is "obviously" the daughter of George and Hannah (Gibson) Saunders.
         Bishop Alexander Grett's "History of the Old Cheraws" hasts the names of William Pegues' wives as Elizabeth Murfee and Sarah Gardiner. These names have been carried down through generations in tration and D.A.R. records. Mrs. Lidwin has proven these names as incorrect, through her extensive research. "The errors are understandable on the part of Bishop Gregg, since he depended largely on 'word of mouth' information for some of the genealogical data in his book."
         "The evidence that proves Elizabeth was not a Murfee and that Sarah was not a Gardiner are records of the register book of the Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw. Malachi Murfee sr. refers to them as 'Nathaniel Saunders, Malachi Saunders and Marcia Saunders, children of his deceased wife, Hannah,' Murfee being their step father. Another proof, is a deed 'for love and affection toward Elizabeth Saunders, otherwise Elizabeth Murfee, Nathaniel Saunders otherwise Nathaniel Murfee, Sarah Saunders, otherwise Sarah Murfee . . . etc.' . . . daughters of our kinsman Malachi Saunders other wise called Malachi Murfee, deceased.'"
         Sarah Hicks, the second wife of William Pegues, was a daughter of Col. George Hicks (sometimes spelled Hix). Bishop gregg reports her as Sarah Gardiner, daughter of Sarah James Gardiner and stepdaughter of Col. George Hicks. She is called Sarah "Hicks" in several legal documents. Col. George Hicks, in his will mentions "my daughter Sarah Pegues and her heirs." William Pegues' will: "to my sons-in-law Richmond Davidson and John King . . . etc. . . .by my wife Sarah bequeathed her by her father, Col. George Hicks." In the circuit court records of Darlington county, S. C; February, 1729," . . . bequeathed by George Hicks, father of Sarah Pegues." Again, in the family Bible: "Sarah Hicks, daughter of George and Naomi Hicks was born twenty-fifth of January, 1857; was married Jan. 27, 1774 by Charles Medlock, Esquire."
         Other families in this book are Adams, Bairds, Barrs, Bishops, Boggs, Bowen, Brady, Browder, Brown, Christian, Clarks, Clements, Coats, Collins, Davidson, Easter, Evans, Fitzgeralds, Girand, Godfrey, Grayson, Guthrie, Houston, Ingle, Ingram, Keith, Kelly, Kerr, King, Kirby, Leake, Lyons, Magee, Massey, McBride, Miller, Nash, Newtons, Owen, Pitts, Potter, Powe, Reed, Rhinehart, Shannon, Wade and many others.
         Genealogy is an obstinate subject, requiring complete concentration, timeless hours, days and years. It's for those who are completely relaxed; it can not be hurried. The avenues are wide, the subject matter is immense, the rewards are the most gratifying.
  • The following appeared on 9 December 1957 in the Alton Evening Telegraph: An intense search for the record of a lost descendant—the only one of hundreds of descendants whose history remains obscure—is under way in the area.
         Purpose of the search, according to Mrs. George A. Crawford, 306 Main St., East Alton, is to aid a Crystal City, Tex., woman who has written a book on the descendants of Claudius Pegues (pronounced "Peegeez”), who came to America in 1736.
         The descendant whose history remains blank in the hundreds of pages of material compiled from records over the country is Calvin Pegues. He came from the Carolinas to Jersey County, and resided there in 1850.
         Mrs. Crawford has been aiding the authoress of the genealogy, Mrs. Virginia Pegues Lidwin of Crystal City. She has done reseaarch at Edwardsville and examined records at Jersey County Courthouse.
         Mrs. Crawford’s husband is a descendant of George Hicks Pegues, who was a brother of Calvin, the lost descendant.
         The main line of descent, Mrs. Crawford explained, stems from the first Claudius Pegues of France, to his son, also Claudius, born in England, who came to America. His son, William, had a son (also named Claudius) whose two sons were Calvin and George Hicks Pegues, at this height of the family tree, a branch grows in this area.
         Among those who have aided her in her research, said Mrs. Crawford, is Postmaster Ernest V. Giehl of Wood River.
  • Hazel Virginia Pegues died in 1966.
  • Hazel Virginia Pegues died on 24 September 1966 at age 55 in Crystal City, Zavala County, Texas.
  • Her husband Andrew J. Lidwin became a widower at her death.
  • She was interred at Edgewood Cemetery, Crystal City, Zavala County, Texas.
  • Family history researcher Virginia Pegues Lidwin was the author of Hicks, Pegues and related families from records in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi. (1960).
         And also Families Descended from Samuel Butler Pegues (1778-1835) and His Wife, Juliet (King) Pegues (published in 1971).
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Family 1: Ancil Cate Mayhew b. 11 February 1906, d. 24 October 1943

Family 2: Andrew J. Lidwin b. 18 November 1909, d. 22 December 1994