Thomas William Pegues

b. 22 October 1808, d. 11 June 1878
  • Thomas William Pegues was born on 22 October 1808 in Marlboro District, South Carolina.
  • The following appeared on 20 April 1904 in The News & Courier: The State Newspapers of the Century (by E. H. Aull, President of the South Carolina State Press Association) . . .
         In 1827 The Camden Journal was established by Thomas W. Pegues. He was on his way to Charleston to work in a printing office, but when he learned that he had to work on Sunday he stopped at Camden and established the Journal. Progress in Sabbath observance by printers and publishers has not been as great since the days of Pegues as in other departments of newspaper making, for I fear that there are not many printers who would stop by the wayside and establish a newspaper rather than work on the Sabbath.
  • He married Sarah Jane Roberts, daughter of (?) Roberts and Sarah (?), on 28 December 1834 in Kershaw District, South Carolina, or possibly the 27th.
  • The following appeared on 27 November 1839 in The Charleston Courier:
    Proposals for Reviving the Publication of the Camden Journal.
         The subscriber has returned to Camden for the purpose of re-establishing the Camden Journal, provided sufficient encouragement is afforded to warrant the undertaking. Ample time has elapsed since the suspension of its publication, to enable the community to judge whether a newspaper ought to be sustained in our town, or not. If they have concluded that such a publication should be supported, they have now an opportunity afforded them of promoting it.
         The subscriber, believing that a strong desire is felt in this community, for reviving the publication of the Journal has been induced to issue these proposals, with the view of ascertaining what amount of support may be expected. His experience as a newspaper publisher, forbids its commencement until he shall have at least, the promise of adequate patronage to pay expenses. As soon, therefore, as the number of subscribers shall be sufficient to afford a reasonable prospect of remuneration the publication will immediately be commenced.
         In relation to the politics of the Journal, it would remain neutral, if the subscriber thought he could be neutral and be honest--but he has his opinions, and it is probable they will be exhibited in his paper. He therefore thinks it proper to state that he is in favor of, and will support generally, the measures of the present administration--without, however, carrying the war so far as some of its partizans have done, against the State Banks. He believes they are very convenient, necessary, and, indeed, indispensable, to the conducting successfully, the commerce of the country. He believes also, that in many of the States, their charters are too loose, and in others they have been violated, and that there ought to be farther and stronger guards against abuses, engrafted on their charters. In this State the banking system is perhaps, as perfect as in any other, and certainly as prudently and as honestly administered.
         The cause of Temperance, which is now engrossing a large share of public attention in the State, will find in this paper, an humble, though zealous advocate.
         The interest of Agriculture will not be neglected--but a portion of the paper occasionally devoted to selections on this subject. In short, it will be the constant aim of the subscriber to make his paper interesting to the general reader. He is no partizan in the general acceptation of that term; and will therefore, in the exprtession of his own sentiments and opionions, avoid, as far as possible, giving pain to those with whom he may differ.
         Terms--3 dollars per annum in advance; $3.50, if paid within six months, or $4 at the expiration of the year.
         Thomas W. Pegues.
    Camden, Nov 12.
  • Thomas William Pegues and Sarah Jane Roberts appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Kershaw District, South Carolina, and also four other printers, aged 20-28.. Other members of the household included Thomas Godfrey Pegues, Eliza Grady Pegues, Sarah Amelia Pegues, Richard Hicks Pegues, Claudius James Pegues, Nannie G. Pegues, Mary Jane Pegues and Sarah (?)
  • He was a printer, according to the 1850 census.
  • Thomas William Pegues became a widower at the 11 December 1857 death of his wife Sarah Jane Roberts.
  • He married Louisa S. Bronson on 27 June 1858, or possibly the 17th.
  • Thomas William Pegues and Louisa S. Bronson appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1860 in Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina, and also bookkeeper H. W. Dixon. Richard Pegues was the enumerator for his area.. Other members of the household included Eliza Grady Pegues, Richard Hicks Pegues, Claudius James Pegues, Nannie G. Pegues, Mary Jane Pegues, William Covington Pegues and Sarah (?)
  • He was postmaster, according to the 1860 census.
  • Thomas William Pegues and Louisa S. Bronson appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1870 in Camden PO, Kershaw County, South Carolina. Other members of the household included William Covington Pegues and Richard Hicks Pegues.
  • He was a printer, according to the 1870 census.
  • Thomas William Pegues died on 11 June 1878 at age 69 in Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina.
  • His wife Louisa S. Bronson became a widow at his death.
  • The following appeared on 15 August 1878 in The Working Christian: Thomas William Pegues, son of James and Sarah G. Pegues, was born in Marlboro District, S. C., on 22d October 1808. he settled in Camden in 1829, and removed to Alabama in 1836, but after a brief stay he returned to Camden, and there dwelt to the end of his life. He married Miss Sarah J. Roberts on the 28th of December 1834, and after her death in 1857, married Miss Louisa S. Bronson, on the 27th of June 1858. During the life of his first wife, ten children were born to him, seven of whom are still living. He was, in various capacities, connected with the Camden Journal. . . . During the Indian war in Alabama, he served for a short time. He fell on sleep June 11, 1878.
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Family 1: Sarah Jane Roberts b. 21 December 1816, d. 11 December 1857

Family 2: Louisa S. Bronson b. circa 1819, d. 13 November 1895