William Barnes

b. 2 June 1778, d. circa 1815
  • William Barnes was born on 2 June 1778 in North Carolina.
  • He married Nancy Abercrombie, daughter of Charles Abercrombie and Edwina Malinda Booth, on 13 June 1805 in Hancock County, Georgia.
  • The following appeared on 15 June 1805 in the Farmer's Gazette: Married on Thursday last, Captain William Barnes, to Miss Nancy Abercrombie, both of Hancock, Co.
  • He served in the War of 1812, and received from the government a grant of land on which now stands the city of Quincy (Adams County), Illinois.
  • William Barnes died circa 1815.
  • His wife Nancy Abercrombie became a widow at his death.
  • The following appeared on 3 January 1816 in the Georgia Argus: Nine months after the date hereof, application will be made to the honorable court of Ordinary for the county of Hancock, for leave to sell a certain tract of land belonging to the estate of William Barnes, deceased; containing one hundred and fifty acres, lying on the waters of Fort creek, adjoining Brantly and others-- for the benefit of the heirs. John Abercromibe, Surviving Adm'r. Dec. 20.
  • The following appeared on 16 October 1816 in the Georgia Journal: On the first Tuesday in December next will be sold, at the Market house in the town of Sparta, one hundred and fifty acres of land on the waters of Fort creek, adjoining Brantley and others, it being the real estate of William Barnes, deceased, sold for the benefit of the heirs. Terms made known on the day of Sale. John Abercrombie, Surviving Adm'r. October 1.
  • John Abercrombie was administrator of the estate of his brother-in-law William Barnes. This 9 March 1819 document John Abercrombie is related to the guardianship of Elizabeth Clark, daughter of Thomas Clark: Georgia, Putnam County. Know all men by these presents that as Edmund Lane and John J Smith are held and firmly bound unto John Abercrombie, Administrator of the goods and estate of William Barnes deceased, late of Hancock County, in the sum of five thousand Dollars, to the well and true payment whereof we jointly and severally bind ourselves our heirs Administrators firmly by these presents, signed sealed and delivered this 9th day of March 1819. Now the condition of the above obligation is such that whereas Uriah Thweatt deceased and William Barnes deceased while in life made a bond as security to Edmund Lane Guardian of Elizabeth Clark orphan of Thomas Clark commonly, called a guardian bond, condition for said Lanes faithful conduct as Guardian, before the Court of ordinary of the County of Hancock, which was dated the 7th day of April 1806. Now if said Lane shall save said Abercrombie and the Estate of said William Barnes harmless from all liability on account of said bond, and said John Abercrombie Administrator as aforesaid harmless from all expense cost and damage on account of the same, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to be in full force & virtue, signed sealed executed and delivered this day and date above written. [Signed] Edmund Lane. Jno J. Smith [Punctuation added by the transcriber for enhanced readability.].
  • The following correspondence, among other things, provides evidence that William Barnes died many years prior to 1856.

    Boston April 19, 1860

    To the Postmaster
    Montgomery, Ala

    Sir, There is living in or near Mongtomery
    a Mr Hall whose given name is unknown to me whom I wish
    to find – all I know of him is that he came from Hancock Co
    Georgia, his wife was a daughter of Wm Barnes, who died many
    years ago leaving two children, one of whom “married a man named
    Hall, who lives in or near Montgomery Ala” I am aware that
    my information is very meagre to trace or find him by, but it is
    the best have been able to obtain & in fact all could learn.
    My object is to find the heirs at law of said Wm Barnes decd, for
    whom I have in hand a matter of business that can be made
    a matter of some benefit. From your position as PM you
    are probably familiar with names of a large number of your
    residents, & if said Hall is personally unknown to you, you
    may know of those about you who would be likely to be able
    to give the desired information. Any enquiries you may do
    me the favor & make will oblige me and the result I trust
    enable me to benefit the heirs sought for. Should you obtain
    no clew perhaps you can suggest some means I could avail
    myself of. Favor of a reply at your earliest convenience
    will greatly oblige,

    Yours Very Respectfully,
    Wm Hobbs Jr.

    Texas, Near Danville May 17th 1860

    Mr Wm Hobbs Junr

    Dear Sir, Your letter addressed
    to the Postmaster of Montgomery Alabama
    was received to day making enquireys for
    the heirs of Wm Barnes who died many
    years ago in Hancock County Georgia.
    My Wife is a Daughter of Wm Barnes I
    married at Mr Hall,s who married her
    Aunt and she made their house her home.
    She had a sister who died about twelve
    years ago and left two Sons who are
    now living in Texas. You Say you have
    in hand that can can be made a matter of
    benefit to the heirs at Law. I cannot
    imagine any Interest that they can
    have in your State, never having heard
    of a relation of theirs living or dieing in
    that State. You have my thanks for the
    interest you manifest. We will wait
    for an explanation.

    Very Respectfully Yours &c
    Green Wood

    Boston June 27, 1860

    Mr Green Wood
    Danville, Montgomery Co

    DrSir - Wrote you on 28th May last
    and as so much more than necessary time has passed in
    which I might have heard from you I write to call your
    attention to its contents in order to know if the heirs desire to take
    my offer therein named. I have not made a word
    of enquiry about it since writing you -- in fact shall not
    take any trouble about it unless by request of the heirs.
    I do not know that a single Dollar can be realized for it,
    and can only say now, as I did before, that if placed in my
    hands will do my best to make it of benefit to the heirs.

    Yours Resp'tly
    Wm Hobbs Jr

    P.S. Should the heirs desire me
    to take the case in hand you will please give me as full
    particulars of the family as possible in order that I can
    make out such papers as are required in proper form so
    as to avoid errors & delay.

    Boston Aug 17, 1860

    Mr Green Wood
    Danville, Montgomery Co

    DrSir, Your favor of 5th inst is at hand
    accepting my offer relative to Wm Barnes land claim, and requesting
    me to forward necessary papers for execution as per names of the heirs
    therein given -- herein please find Power of Attorney for all therein named
    to sign; on back of same is an acknowledgement for you, your wife,
    and William Barnes Campbell, to go before clerk of County Court at
    Montgomery and obtain his name and seal of Court to = Mr
    Campbell will please sign his name in full & not William B -, have
    him write the Barnes in full =following it, is one drawn up
    for Duncan G. Campbell & wife, and to be used before clerk of
    Court at Huntsville, Walker Co., the date of Wm Barns decease,
    if known, should be inserted in body of the instrument, also name
    of D. G. D's wife = the date, &c, in acknowledgements will be filled
    in by clerks of Court. Also enclosed is an affidavit for your
    wife to sign & swear to before clerk of Court, in order that I can
    obtain an exemplification of the Patent to work with. As all
    is written out in full, you and the others can easily understand
    it, and execute papers correctly -- you sign on first line, your
    wife on next, & then William Barnes Campbell = after completing
    it before clerk of Court, send it by mail or otherwise to D. G. C.,
    and when completed return to me by mail with the affidavit. Our
    clerk of Court here charge but 25c for taking acknowledgements & seals,
    and I presume yours charge the same. I am particular & wish
    directions followed so as to be right & not have to do it over again.
    You will please give it prompt attention for complete excecution,
    return to me as soon as you can. Yours Respectfully Wm Hobbs Jr.
  • On Monday, 3 September 1860, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Signed and sent the Papers to Mr Hobbs, Boston."
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Family: Nancy Abercrombie b. 3 June 1788, d. say 1825