Jeremiah Neave

b. 4 January 1766, d. 6 May 1824
  • Jeremiah Neave was born on 4 January 1766 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England, as recorded by the Monthly Meeting of Ringwood and Fordingbridge.
  • He married Elizabeth Merrefield, daughter of Joseph Merrefield and Hannah (?), on 13 August 1789 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England, as recorded by the Monthly Meeting of Ringwood and Fordingbridge.
  • At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia held 27th of 4th month 1804. . . .
         Certificates as follow were presented, read and receoved -- viz:
         One from Devonshire House Monthly Meeting, London, dated the 6th of the 9 month [6 September 1803] last, and directed to the Northern District Monthly Meeting in this City or elsewhere in North America, for Jeremiah Neave, Elizabeth his wife, and their five infant Chilcren, Thompson, Elizabeth-Merrefield, Alexander, Hannah and Charles -- who have settled within our limits. . . .
  • He was naturalized on 20 December 1805 at the Eastern District Court, Pennsylvania, while residing in the City of Philadelphia, a Glass and China Merchent, aged about thirty.
  • The following appeared on 30 September 1806 in The Pittsburgh Gazette.
  • At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia held 24th of 9th month 1807 . . .
         A testimony in the case of Jeremiah Neave being prepared was agreed to as follows, a Copy whereof is directed to be forwarded to him by the Committee with information of his right to appeal.
         "Jeremiah Neave, late of this City, who had a right of membership amongst us, became so embarrassed in his circumstances as to be unable to discharge his debts, in this situation, he secured some of his Creditors to the injury of the others, for which it became our concern to treat with him, in order to raise in his mind a just sense of the nature of such conduct; but our labours herein not having the desired effect, we testify that he hath separated himself from us, and that we no longer consider him a member of our religious society, until from a conviction of his error he become qualified to condemn the same, and seek to be restored, which is our desire."
  • Jeremiah Neave and Elizabeth Merrefield appeared in the US federal census of 6 August 1810 in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Charles Neave and Sarah Neave. Also recorded in the household were four other children (two boys and two girls) and two slaves.
  • The following appeared on 8 November 1814 in The Pittsburgh Gazette.
  • The following appeared on 24 February 1816 in The Pittsburgh Gazette.
  • Jeremiah Neave died on 6 May 1824 at age 58 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.
  • His wife Elizabeth Merrefield became a widow at his death.
  • He was interred at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, removed from Methodist Cemetery, Catherine Street, 20 May 1853.
  • The following appeared on 24 May 1824 in the Kentucky Gazette: [Died] In Cincinnati suddenly, Jeremiah Neave, for many years a citizen of this place, and well remembered by many friends, whom he left here.
  • The following appeared on 26 May 1824 in the Independent Chronicle & Boston Patriot: [Died] In Cincinnati, Mr. Jeremiah Neave, aged 59.
  • Although his son Thompson Neave is enumerated in Cincinnati in 1820, but Jeremiah does not appear to be in the household.
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Family: Elizabeth Merrefield b. 21 October 1766, d. 11 August 1831