Thomas J. Strong

b. circa 1774, d. 19 October 1820
  • Thomas J. Strong was born circa 1774.
  • He appears on the personal tax roll for Washington County, Mississippi Territory, 1803.
  • He married Anne E. (?) say 1807, probably in Mississippi Territory.
  • In 1815, the first Alabama Territorial Legislature convened at St. Stephens; James Titus was the only member of the Senate; Gabriel Moor of Madison County, was the speaker of the house. In 1818, the first Bank was established, with David Files, J. A. Torbert, D. Darling, Thomas I. Strong, Israel Pickens, J. G. Lyon, William Crawford, J. F. Ross, W. D. Gaines, A. S. Lipscomb, Nathan Whiting, George Buchanan and Thomas Crowell, directors.
  • The following appeared on 9 January 1819 in The Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public Advertiser: List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at St. Stephens on the 31st of Dec 1818 . . . Strong T. I. Dr. And appeared on the list on the 16th.
  • The following appeared on 9 January 1819 in The Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public Advertiser: All those indebted to the late firm of Thomas I. Strong, are for the last time requested to come forward and settle their notes and accounts on or before the 31st inst. after which date, they will indiscriminately find them in the hands of Messrs Crawford and Hitchcock for collection.
  • The following appeared on 31 May 1819 in The Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public Advertiser: The following gentlemen have been elected to the next Territorial Legislature. Washington County. -- Col. Robert Rankin, Col. James Thompson. Clarke. -- William Murrell, Josiah Jones, Esq'rs. Baldwin. -- Dr. Thos. I/J? Strong.
  • The following appeared on 10 April 1820 in The Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public Advertiser: List of Letters remaining in the Post-Office at St. Stephens (Alabama) on the 31st March, 1820 . . . Strong dr T I.
  • The following appeared on 11 September 1820 in The Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public Advertiser: Will be sold for cash, on Saturday the 30th inst. the following prpoperties to wit: . . One other House & Lot Levied on as the property of J.P. Roberts, in St. Stephens, Jackson street, to satisfy one Execution in favor of Thomas I. Strong. Sale in the usual hours. George Welsh, D. Sheriff.
  • His wife Anne E. (?) became a widow at his death.
  • Thomas J. Strong died on 19 October 1820 in Wakefield, Washington County, Alabama.
  • The following appeared on 23 October 1820 in The Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public Advertiser: [Died] At Wakefield, on Thursday Evening last, Dr. Thomas Strong.
  • In his will signed 15 January 1820 in Baldwin County, Alabama, Thomas J. Strong names as heirs his minor daughter Hannah L. Strong, his wife Ann Strong and her daughterfrom an earlier marriage Ann Cunningham. Other heirs include "brothers and sisters," but he names only brothers Richard and William. Also named are daughters Maria and Emily of Susannah Day, who does not appear to have been his sister. He makes reference to the estate of his uncle John Moxsy, but it appears that this may have been his cousin John Moxsy, a son of his mother's sister Dorothy, who died in 1819. Executors were Harry Toulmin, Henry B. Slade and John S. Moxsy.
         In a codicil dated 18 September 1820, Thomas J. Strong names James A. Torbert an executor in place of deceased John S. Moxsy.
         Research Note: We have tentatively identified birth/baptism records for daughter Maria (but not Emily) of Susanna and Benjamin Day, who seem to fit into the picture in terms of time and place, but their relationship to Thomas J. Strong is not clear. Records tentatively have been identified for borthers William and Richard. Further research is required.
  • Research Note: Thomas J. Strong may have been a child of Thomas Strong and Hannah Moxsy, or he may have been a child of John StrongAnn Frances.
  • Were Thomas J. Strong and Thomas Strong the same person?
  • Were Thomas J. Strong and Thomas James Strong the same person?
  • Ann R. Cunningham Torbert and John Sidney Moxsy apparently were cousins, but the relationship is unclear. That Ann Cunningham Torbert's step-father, her mother's second husband, Thomas J. Strong, had an uncle named John Moxsy, who does not appear to be the same John Moxsy who died in 1819 and specified specified John S. Moxsy (who died in 1820) as an executor of his estate, further complicates the picture, inspiring the thought that the elder Anne Cunningham may well have been related in some way to her second husband Thomas J. Strong. So it still is a possibility that her maiden name was Moxsy, but no solid evidence has yet been discovered.
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Family: Anne E. (?) b. circa 1774