James Irby Burch

b. 16 March 1824, d. 12 November 1883
  • James Irby Burch was born on 16 March 1824 in Montgomery County, Alabama.
  • He married Jeannette Mitchell, daughter of William Mitchell and Martha Hill, circa 1843, and James' sister Rebecca married Jeannette's cousin John W. Mitchell.
  • The marriage may well have been the one recorded in Harris County, 15 May 1843, for "Joseph" Burch and Henrietta J. Mitchell.
  • James Irby Burch and Jeannette Mitchell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Montgomery County, Alabama. Other members of the household included Florence E. Burch, Jane M. Burch, Red Augustus Burch and Antoinette Burch.
  • He was a planter, according to the 1850 census.
  • James Irby Burch died on 12 November 1883 at age 59 in Montgomery County, Alabama.
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Family: Jeannette Mitchell b. 10 June 1826, d. 15 December 1854