Kinnie Mitchell

b. circa 1860
  • Kinnie Mitchell was born circa 1860 in Texas.
  • Research Note: It is an educated guess that "Kinnie" Mitchell, born about 1860, enumerated in the household of "Josie" Mitchell Wood in the 1880 census as a niece, was the daughter of Charles and Virginia Williamson Mitchell, born after the 1860 census was taken, and that both parents died sometime before the 1870 census. Kinnie has yet to be found in 1870. It earlier was thought that Jane Mitchell also was a daughter of Charles, but additional evidence appears to confirm that she was a daughter of James and Elizabeth, despite her apparent absence from their household in 1870.
  • William Barnes Wood and Cornelia Josephine Mitchell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1880 in Montgomery County, Texas. Other members of the household included Kinnie Mitchell, Virginia A. Mitchell and Jane L. Mitchell. It is educated guess that Jennie is Virginia Mitchell, daughter of Josie's brother James. And it is likely that "Kinnie" and Jane are children of brother Charles, born after the 1860 census. It is an educated guess that Charles Mitchell died of consumption after his discharge from the 5th Texas Infantry.
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