Susan Mary Campbell

b. 1822, d. circa 1868
  • Susan Mary Campbell was born in 1822 in Georgia.
  • John Wesley Campbell and Ann Williamson Clark appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1840 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Susan Mary Campbell, Clark Calhoun Campbell, Samuel D. Campbell, Ann Clark Campbell, John Wesley Campbell and Marcus L. Campbell. This family matches except (1) "Eddie" is not included (may not have been born until after census), and (2) there is one extra male aged 20-29.
  • She married William Blanks Fariss, son of Thomas Randolph Fariss and Juriah Blanks, on 2 January 1849 in Montgomery County, Alabama, with G. H. Morrison, Rector of St. John's Episcopal Church, officiating.
  • Eddie Eliza Campbell wrote to Evelina Barnes Wood on 10 February 1850, ". . . nothing has reached us but sorrow and distress, since you left. Last Sunday we had a letter from Archibald with the mellancholly tidings of Brother Johns death, which happened about a week after Susan Mary reached home. We had heard no intimation of his ill health, until after SM got there, she wrote to Mr F that she found them all looking very well but her Father and that she felt uneasy about him. It seems that the day he died he had ate more heartily than usual, walked into the field, returned about sunset, was taken with violent vomiting, which they could not check, he got to bed, and after a while he sunk into a stupor. They supposed he was sleeping until they noticed some thing peculiar in his respiration, he died immediately, by 10 Oclock it was all over. It all seems so strange that I cannot feel reconciled to it. We have heard nothing from the family, but I should not be surprised if they were all to come back with Susan Mary. They have truly lost their guide, and director, and my heart bleeds for all, but most for the poor little children, the older ones ought to be able to help themselves, but they know nothing but to spend. Susan Mary is the only one that feels the least self denial. I am thankful she went, I know it was a comfort to her Father as well as to herself."
  • Eddie Eliza Campbell wrote to Evelina Barnes Wood on 25 February 1850, "We have not heard one word from Sister Anns family, since we received Archibalds letter announcing poor Brother Johns death, all the particulars I gave you in a former letter. I feel extremely anxious to know what their plans are for the future, poor Sister Ann was so determined to return last summer that I cannot but expect her back. The cholera rages most violently on Red river, and Brother Isaac says he very much questions whether Susan Mary will be able to return this summer. Oh, that you all could have found it to your interest to have remained here, the result might have been different, but who can tell, it might have been the same, death is confined to no place or circumstances."
  • William Blanks Fariss and Susan Mary Campbell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Montgomery County, Alabama.
  • William Blanks Fariss and Susan Mary Campbell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1860 in Montgomery, Alabama, enumerated next to William's brother Robert.. Other members of the household included John Clarke Fariss, Annie Juria Fariss, Mary Jane Fariss and Douglas McQueen Campbell. Also in the household were a bookkeeper and a clerk.
  • Susan Mary Campbell became a widow at the 5 September 1866 death of her husband William Blanks Fariss.
  • Susan Mary Campbell died circa 1868 in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Following the deaths of their parents, the four children of William Blanks and Susan Mary Campbell Fariss were raised in the household of theirr uncle Robert Clement Fariss, where they appear in the 1870 and 1880 censuses.
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Family: William Blanks Fariss b. 26 May 1812, d. 5 September 1866