John Morgan Teague

b. 31 July 1829, d. 2 July 1863
  • John Morgan Teague was born on 31 July 1829 in Newberry County, South Carolina.
  • Joshua Teague and Agnes Caldwell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1830 in Calvert, Abbeville District, South Carolina, apparently enumerated next to Joshua's parents. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included John Morgan Teague, Elizabeth Teague, Elijah J. Teague and James C. Teague. Also in the household is one male age 80-89 who likely is Agnes' aged father James Caldwell, and male age 15-19, whose identity is not known.
  • Joshua Teague and Agnes Caldwell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Benton (later Calhoun) County, Alabama. Other members of the household included John Morgan Teague, Joshua Teague Jr. Also in the house were Sarah Teague (age 17) and Jane Caldwell (age 35), born in South Carolina, whose connections with the family are not yet known.
  • He was a farmer, according to the 1850 census.
  • He married Unknown (?) circa 1851.
  • He married Sarah Jane Lackey on 13 April 1854 in Benton (later Calhoun) County, Alabama.
  • John Morgan Teague and Sarah Jane Lackey appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1860 in Corn Grove, Calhoun County, Alabama. Other members of the household included Joshua R. Teague, Alcey Ann Teague, Elvira J. Teague and John Lackey Teague.
  • Calhoun County, Alabama, 5 January 1861: John M. Teague gives bond for $2,400.00 as Administrator of the estate of Samuel Teague, deceased. Elijah Teague and M.J. Turnley as Securities.
  • Calhoun County, Alabama, 4 March 1861: Inventory and sale bill of the estate of Samuel Teague, deceased. John M. Teague, Administrator. Buyers were: William Angel, T. Clem, O. Griffin, J. B. Manning, M. Murrey, P. Murrey, E. Teague, E.C. Teague, E.T. Teague, Elias Teague, J.M. Teague, S.C. Teague, J. Williams.
  • John M. Teague, 2nd lieutenant of Company K, 44th Alabama Infantry Regiment, CSA, entered the service 6 May 1862 at Fair Play, Alabama. He was promoted to 1st lieutenant on 3 August 1862 and to Captain of the company 28 August 1862. The company muster roll for July and August 1863 shows him, "Killed near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 2 July 1863."
  • John Morgan Teague died on 2 July 1863 at age 33 in Adams County, Pennsylvania, near Gettysburg.
  • He was interred at the Gettysburg battlefield, Adams County, Pennsylvania, apparently with a cenotaph memorial at Jacksonville City Cemetery in Calhoun County, Alabama, and it is likely that his remains were removed with the majority of other fallen Confederates a decade later and re-buried in a southern state, possibly at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.
  • The following appeared on September 1863 in the Jacksonville Republican:
                   Another Soldier Gone
         Captain John M. Teague, son of Joshua and Nancy Teague, was born in the State of S.C. Abbeville Dist., July 31st, 1829.
         While in the sixth year of his age his parents moved to Calhoun county, Ala., whee he spent his juvenile days. After having arriving at years of manhood, he was generous and social, which caused him to be the admiration of those by whom he was surrounded.
         February 2d, 1851, he married Miss Margaret Caldwell. He made an affectionate husband and loving father. His wife lived to give birth to a son, and Sept. 25th 1852 it pleased God to take his companion from him by death. He submitted to his bereavement with resignation and bore it with meekness. April 13th, 1854 he married Miss Sarah Jane Lackey. He also proved to her a tender and loving husband; and to his children an industrious and lovely father. But notwithstanding his love of home, companion and children, he loved his country and her institutions; he appreciated the liberty won for us by the life-blood of our ancestors. The love of this burned upon the altar of his soul, and induced him to tender his services to his country in order to drive back invading and formidable adversary, who threatened to ride triumphantly into power, over the bodies of our slain.
         May the 6th, 1862, he was elected as 2nd Lieut. and mustered into the service of the Confederate States for three years or during the war. The company was received into the 44tth Regt. Ala. Vols. Soon after the regiment was organized, they were ordered to Virginia. Lieut. Teague's efficiency as an officer, using such authority as commanded attention, caused him to be loved by all by whom he was surrounded. He was soon promoted as Capt. of Co. K, 44th Ala. Regt. His deportment as Captain was such as commanded the love and esteem of his men; they looked upon him as their leader and protector. He participated in a number of hard fought battles, in one of which, he was struck five times with the enemy's balls, but not seriously wounded.
         When Gen. Lee's army received orders to march (they knew not whither), but time soon demonstrated where they were going, (into the enemy's country). Capt. Teague was one who with fortitude submitted to the privations and hardships incident to that noble army during the march. At Gettysburg the muttering thunder of belching cannon, (indicative of blood and death) announced the approaching conflict; and in a midst of a tornado of bullets, shot and shell, (when every sound seemed as predictive thunder of coming rain), he was heard to cheer his men, and give the command "Forward!” In leading a gallant charge upon a battery, as it belched forth its liquid flames, he fell on the 2nd July, pierced by a minnie ball, which caused instant death, and was buried on a lonely hilltop in an enemy's land, where he will rest undisturbed until time's funeral note shall sound and bid the dead arise. In his last letters to his companion he said, "If I should fall I feel that all will be well." He admonished his wife, if he fell, to tell his children that he fell in the defense of his country; for the protection of their rights and the preservation of their liberties. Capt. John M. Teague is gone. He has sacrificed his life upon the altar of his country. He has left a wife and five children.
         May God be a husband to the widow and now, and a father to the orphans; may he sanctify their bereavement to the good of their souls.-

                   "Liberty or death," he has always cried,
                   At his post he wished to stand,
                   And in our glorious cause he now has died,
                   In an enemies distant land.

                   Sweetly may his ashes rest
                   Until he is bid arise;
                   Then may he be among the blest,
                   Where freedom never dies.
                             John A. Scott.
                             Corn Grove Ala, August 29th, 1863.
  • Calhoun County, Alabama, 27 July 1866: Final settlement by James C. Teague, Administrator of the estate of John M. Teague, late of Calhoun County, Alabama, deceased. Heirs and distributees given as: Sarah Teague, widow, over 21 years, Calhoun County, Alabama; Josh R. Teague; Ann Teague; Elvira Teague; William Teague; John Teague (all under 21 years and reside with their mother, Sarah Teague, except J. R. Teague who resides with Mrs. Agnis Teague). (All in Calhoun County, Alabama).
  • Calhoun County, Alabama, 27 July 1866: Statement for final settlement of the estate of Joshua Teague, late of Calhoun County, Alabama, deceased. Heirs and distributees given as: 1. Children of Elijah Teague, deceased (1. Elizabeth; 2. Claudius Mc Teague; 3. Sarah M. Teague; 4. Joshua Teague; 5. John M. Teague; 6. Alcey J. Teague; 7. William Teague; 8. Girl name not remembered Teague, All under 21 and living with their mother, Harriet Teague, in Randolph County, Alabama). 2. James C. Teague, Administrator of the estate of Joshua Teague. 3. Children of John M. Teague, deceased (1. Alcey A. Teague; 2. Elvira (Eleanor?) Teague; 3. William Teague; 4. John Teague; 5. Joshua Teague, All under 21 and living with their mother, Sarah Teague, and living with his grandmother, A Teague in Calhoun County). 4. T.J. Teague, Perry County, Alabama, over 21 years. 5. Elizabeth (Teague), wife of John Roades, over 21 years, Calhoun County. 6. Agnes Teague, widow of decedent, over 21 years, Calhoun County, Alabama.
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Family 1: Unknown (?) b. say 1830

Family 2: Sarah Jane Lackey b. 3 May 1832, d. 16 November 1915