Elizabeth Teague

b. circa 1814
  • Elizabeth Teague was born circa 1814 in Newberry County, South Carolina.
  • Joshua Teague and Agnes Caldwell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1830 in Calvert, Abbeville District, South Carolina, apparently enumerated next to Joshua's parents. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Elizabeth Teague, Elijah J. Teague, James C. Teague and John Morgan Teague. Also in the household is one male age 80-89 who likely is Agnes' aged father James Caldwell, and male age 15-19, whose identity is not known.
  • She married John Roades say 1835.
  • Calhoun County, Alabama, 27 July 1866: Statement for final settlement of the estate of Joshua Teague, late of Calhoun County, Alabama, deceased. Heirs and distributees given as: 1. Children of Elijah Teague, deceased (1. Elizabeth; 2. Claudius Mc Teague; 3. Sarah M. Teague; 4. Joshua Teague; 5. John M. Teague; 6. Alcey J. Teague; 7. William Teague; 8. Girl name not remembered Teague, All under 21 and living with their mother, Harriet Teague, in Randolph County, Alabama). 2. James C. Teague, Administrator of the estate of Joshua Teague. 3. Children of John M. Teague, deceased (1. Alcey A. Teague; 2. Elvira (Eleanor?) Teague; 3. William Teague; 4. John Teague; 5. Joshua Teague, All under 21 and living with their mother, Sarah Teague, and living with his grandmother, A Teague in Calhoun County). 4. T.J. Teague, Perry County, Alabama, over 21 years. 5. Elizabeth (Teague), wife of John Roades, over 21 years, Calhoun County. 6. Agnes Teague, widow of decedent, over 21 years, Calhoun County, Alabama.
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Family: John Roades b. say 1810