Julia Ann McNeese

b. circa 1820
  • Julia Ann McNeese was born circa 1820 in Darlington District, South Carolina.
  • She married Jacob W. Parrott, son of Jacob Parrott and Persis Arendell, say 1838, first cousins; Julia Ann's mother Elizabeth Parrott McNeese was the sister of Jacob's father Jacob.
  • Julia Ann McNeese became a widow at the 1 April 1844 death of her husband Jacob W. Parrott.
  • She married William Elliott Allcorn, son of Elijah Allcorn and Nancy Hodge, on 22 October 1847 in Washington County, Texas, William's sister Mary Ann was married to Julia Ann's brother Parrott McNeice.
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Family 1: Jacob W. Parrott b. circa 1810, d. 1 April 1844

Family 2: William Elliott Allcorn b. circa 1810, d. 7 December 1866