Olin Marcellus Pegues

b. 21 June 1873, d. 31 July 1929

Olin Marcellus Pegues, 1873-1929
  • Olin Marcellus Pegues was born on 21 June 1873 in Marlboro County, South Carolina.
  • Rufus Marcellus Pegues and Sara Olivia Pegues appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1880 in Smithville Township, Marlboro County, South Carolina. Other members of the household included Olin Marcellus Pegues, Carrie Keitt Pegues, Frank Wilds Pegues and Elbert Sanders Pegues.
  • On 12 November 1891, Rufus Marcellus Pegues wrote to his sons at Oak Ridge Military Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina:
                   Live Oak Nov 12/91
    Dear Wilds & Olin
         Have received letters from both of you since writing you, and will write to each of you later on. I am very proud to learn that both of my boys have been deemed worthy of such compliments as you have received and do hope that you will prove to be even more than was expected of you. Try allways to do your duty in a conscientious maner and all will be right. I enclose check for seventy five dollars which hope will meet your demands for the present. Be prudent and take care of your health, always have air and keep your feet dry. Wilds had better take quinine evry day for some time. Take in capsules and will not taste. It will be well for both of you to put a talloe plaster on the chest night and day, you will not like the idea, but will not object to it after trying it. Waddill has been here to day and has been saying all sorts of things, I think he has to talk wild to keep down his excitement. Went over the Pollocks to day, they are at fever heat. It is to be a grand afair in every respect. Sue and I will go the rounds of it all. They have a great many nice present.
         We may leave here on next Tuesday for Raleigh, but if we hear that you will not go the next week, we will not go until then.
         Hope you are both better of your colds. Aunt Sue sends love and says she would like so much to see you at Raleigh.
  • Olin M. Pegues entered Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina in June 1893, and on 16 December 1896 was one of 37 graduates to receive a Bachelor of Science diploma in the first graduating class from Clemson Agricultural College.
  • Rufus Marcellus Pegues and Sue Sparks Pegues appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1900 in Smithville Township, Marlboro County, South Carolina, and one domestic servant.. Other members of the household included Olin Marcellus Pegues, Carrie Keitt Pegues, Sarius Olivia Pegues, Lucy Pegues and Rufus W. Pegues.
  • He was farm manager, according to the 1900 census.
  • Olin Marcellus Pegues appeared in the US federal census of 15 April 1910 in Smithville Township, Marlboro County, South Carolina. Other members of the household included Carrie Keitt Pegues and Hilliard Evans Pegues. Also in the household was school teacher May G. Coachman (age 24), identified as "companion."
  • He was a farmer, according to the 1910 census.
  • He married Mary Louise Pegues, daughter of Francis Preston Brooks Pegues and Jennie May Pegues, on 1 June 1910 in South Carolina, second cousins; their paternal grandfathers were brothers.
  • The following appeared on 6 June 1910 in The State: (Cheraw, June 5) On Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock, the country home of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. B. Pegues, about 10 miles from Cheraw, was the scene of an unusually beautiful wedding, when their daughter, Miss Mary Louis Pegues and Olin M. Pegues were united in marriage.
         The ushers were: Randolph and Preston Pegues, brothers of the bride, and Hilliard and Darius Pegues, brothers of the groom.
         Preceding the bride down the front steps came the maid of honor, Miss Nancy Pegues, who wore a gown of white messaline and carried pink roses and ferns. The groom was attended by his brother, Elbert Pegues, as best man. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Rouse of the Methodist church.
         The bride wore an elegant draped gown of white crepe meteor, the yoke of which was caught with pearls, having a bertha of imported real lace, her tulle veil was caught with lilies of the valley, and she carried an armful of bride's roses and lillies of the valley. Immediately following the ceremony a brilliant reception was held.
         After the reception the bride and groom motored to Rockingham, N.C., where they boarded the Seaboard train for Northern points.
  • The following appeared on 25 June 1916 in the Charlotte Sunday Observer: (Rockingham, June 24) Nancy Pegues, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks Pegues, and Hugh Waddell May of Charleston, W. Va., were married at the country home of the bride Wednesday evening at 7:45. Rev. Mr. Harmon, pastor of the Methodist Church of Cheraw, S. C., officiated. The ceremony was performed on the lawn of the century-old home. The first of the bridal party to appear were the ushers, five brothers of the bride, Randolph, Preston, Marlborough, Victor and Olin Pegues and a cousin, W. C. Leak, Jr., following, came the two dames of honor, Mrs. Olin Pegues and Mrs. W. C. Leak, sister and aunt of the bride, and the maid of honor, Miss Jennie May Pegues. The bride came down the long piazza leaning on the arm of her father, and was met by the groom with his best man, James Woodrow. The wedding music was played by Mrs. Claude Ashton-Jones of Charleston W. Va., who also accompanied Miss Cora Stansill as she sang, "Until," by Wilfrid Sanderson.
         Among the out-of-town guests were noted: Mr. and Mrs. James Woodrow, sister and brother-in-law of the groom, Mrs. Claude Ashton-Jones, Mrs. Holmes Morton and Miss Hannah Pearse of Charleston. [Note that Olin Pegues actually was the husband of Nancy's sister Mary Louise, as well as their first cousin.]
  • Olin Marcellus Pegues registered for the draft on 12 September 1918 while living with his wife Mary Louise in Kollock, and self-employed there as a farmer.
  • Olin Marcellus Pegues and Mary Louise Pegues appeared in the US federal census of 1 January 1920 in Smithville Township, Marlboro County, South Carolina. Other members of the household included Mary Louise Pegues, Hilliard Evans Pegues, James Wright Pegues, Joseph Calhoun Irby, Preston Brooks Pegues, Marlborough Kenneth Pegues, Victor Rene Pegues, Jennie May Pegues and William Leak Pegues.
  • He was elected as a member from Marlboro County of the South Carolina General Assembly, House of Representatives, for ten years beginning in 1920.
  • He was a farmer, according to the 1920 census.
  • A snapshot was taken of some Pegues cousins gathered in Spring Hill at the Pegues place during the 1920s.
  • Olin Marcellus Pegues died on 31 July 1929 at age 56 in Smithville Township, Marlboro County, South Carolina, . His death was officially witnessed by Sarius Olivia Pegues.
  • His wife Mary Louise Pegues became a widow at his death.
  • He was interred at New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery, Wallace, Marlboro County, South Carolina.
  • The following appeared on 1 August 1929 in The Charlotte Observer: (Bennettsville, S.C., July 31) Olin M. Pegues, prominent citizen, died at his country home in upper Marlboro county today after an illness of several months.
         He was five times elected to the legislature from this county, and there gave honest and disinterested service of high type, frequently to the sacrifice of his health and personal welfare.
         He inherited and emulated the high tradition that public service, faithfully and unostentatiously rendered, was an obligation running with the land and with his citizenship.
         His early landowning ancestor, captain Claudius Pegues, was the first provincial legislator resident of the Pee Dee before the revolutionary war, and the first house member from Marlboro county when it was formed immediately after the revolution.
         In all the years that have since passed, the Pegues family has clung to its original land holdings, and has made its steady and quiet contribution to the public welfare, at the old home of his ancestors. [A]t the old home of his ancestors Olin Pegues lived and died, winning solid reputation for his integrity, and the growing and lasting affection of many friends. Her was 56 years old, an early graduate of Clemson college, and one of the large planters of Marlboro county, the son of Major Rufus M. Pegues and his wife Sallie Olivia Pegues.
         Mr. Pegues is survived by his wife, Mary, the daughter of the late F. B. Pegues, and one daughter, Mary Louise Pegues.
         In the death of Olin M. Pegues the county and state have lost a useful and honorable citizen.
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Family 1: Eliza Kollock b. circa 1878

Family 2: Mary Louise Pegues b. 30 October 1881, d. 14 October 1965