Jesse Dupree

b. circa 1798, d. 30 September 1853
  • Jesse Dupree was born circa 1798.
  • Jesse Dupree appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Grimes County, Texas, enumerated in the household of William M. Forester, next to his brother Lewis, and near James W. Barnes.
  • On Tuesday, 13 August 1850, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: Mr Barnes got to W. B. Woods last night," and on Thursday, the 15th, "Wm B. Wood went home with Mr Barnes to hunt a screw Builder."
  • On Sunday, 15 September 1850, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Sent L Bob after Colonel Dupree's Workman," and on the following day, "Bob returned." On Thursday, the 19th, "Mr Dupree's Workman commenced Gin wheel today."
  • On Saturday, 28 September 1850, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: The Workman Robert went home this morning to see his wife having worked 8 days," and on Monday, the 30th, "Robert returned this evening." And Saturday, 5 October, "Robert worked five Days this week making 13 days."
  • On Saturday, 5 October 1850, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Started my Gin. Done finely," and on Monday, the 14th, "Gin going very well, fix the log ready for Turning Screw & made a begining." On Friday, the 25th, "All the men raising Screw . . . got the screw up in good time."
  • On Tuesday, 12 November 1850, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Paid Colonel Dupree $120 for Robert's work." And finally, on Sunday, 17 November, "Sent Workman Robert Home."
  • Jesse Dupree died on 30 September 1853 in Grimes County, Texas.
  • He was interred at the Lewis Dupree graveyard, Montgomery County, Texas, on the county line knoll, overlooking Kings Branch and the Dupree plantation.
  • On 2 June 1853, Jesse Dupree prepared a will, summarized as follows: I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it and my body I desire to be laid in a coffin covered and lined; the lid to be fastened on with hinges and the coffin to be laid inside of a vault or sepulcher at the discretion of my executor herein after named provided it is practicable at the time of my death if there cannot be a vault or sepulcher then made I desire a grave prepared and my coffin laid inside of it; but not to be covered with earth the mouth of my grave to be covered securely until there can be a vault or sepulcher made and my body placed in it not doubting at the general resurrection I shall receive the same by the power of Almighty God. . . . I loan to my Brother Lewis Dupree for his own use and benefit during his natural life the following named negroes to wit and their future increase: Robert, a carpenter by trade; Bobnly body servant; Jim, a negro man; Sarah Jane, a young negro woman; Angy, a negro woman and three of her children namely: Caroline, Adaline and Clarissa; Gemimae, a negro woman and four of her children namely: Alexander, Samuel, John Hampton and William Augustus, the said negroes in this item mentioned after the death of my Brother Lewis Dupree shall be equally divided between the natural children of my Brother and his wife, Levenia A. Dupree, to wit; Franklin G. Dupree- Joel R. Dupree- Jesse G. T. Dupree- Martha G. P. Dupree- Samuel F. Dupree- Rebecca A. C. Dupree and Robert P. Dupree and the said Levenia A. Dupree, if living share and share alike the property falling to the children above named . . . . etc . . . . in making said division. . . . that the negro man, Robert, a Carpenter by trade, if living shall be set apart for the use and benefit of Franklin G. Dupree at a fair valuation . . . negro girl, Sarah Jane or Clarrissa . . . for use of Levenia K. Dupree, wife of my Brother Lewis - she to have choice. . . . also the tract of land known as the Sadler Tract, whereon the house now stands . . . etc. I hereby loan to my nephew, Jesse G. T. Dupree after my estate has been settled my 2 negro boys named Alfred and Terry . . . afterwards to his legitimate heirs . . . I hereby loan to my nephew Samuel R. Kone after my estate shall have been settled my negro boy Seaborn . . . then to his heirs . . . etc. I also appoint my nephew Sanuel R. Kone, Trustee for my niece Harriett R. Ogletree, my nephew Algernon S. Ogletree, and nieces, Emma D. and Ella R. Ogletree, twin sisters . . . to manage for their use and benefit my negro boy Daniel and negro girl Betsy Ann . . . loan to them until the said Emma D. and Ella R. Ogletree shall arrive at the age of sixteen years at which time there shall be an equal division of said property between the above named Harriet R., Algernon S., Emma D. and Ella R. Ogletree. I also wish the Rev. Benjamin S. Ogletree to keep my negro man Sharper for his own use so long as he may live or reside in this state but at the expiration of either if the said negro man Sharper is still living and it is no invalid to revert to and vest in Emma D. and Ella R. Ogletree, but should the said negro man, Sharper be an invalid then and in that case it shall be incumbent on the four children above named or their agent or trustee to cause the said Sharper to be supported at their joint expense. The negro girl named Mary Ann that I gave my sister Priscilla R. Mathis a Lifetime Deed to and afterwards to all of her children only such as I should be disposed to strike. I now for good and sufficient reasons strike out and except her son, William R. Mathis and her dau. Clarrissa R. Dunnaway from my interest. Whatever in said deed, after the demise of the said Priscilla R. Mathis it is my will and desire that the said negro girl and her increase shall become the property of all her children with the above exceptions afterwards to their legitimate heirs. Executor: my Brother Lewis Dupree. . . . And after the same (will) is recorded no further official interference by the said Court is or shall be required and all interference in the management of my Estate by the said Court is hereby expressly and postively prohibited . . . etc. Witnesses: Wm Kendrick, J. A. Courtney, Jesse Dupree (L. S.), James L. Greene. Proved by James L. Greene Oct. 31st A.D. 1853 before Geo. M. Patrick, Chief Justice, Grimes County.
  • His wife Lillian (?) became a widow at his death.
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