Johann Gottlieb Nussbaum

b. 17 January 1846
  • Johann Gottlieb Nussbaum was born on 17 January 1846 in Württemberg.
  • He was baptized/christened on 20 January 1846 in Plochingen, Württemberg.
  • Carl Wilhelm Nussbaum and Johann Gottlieb Nussbaum arrived in the Port of New York on 4 November 1867, aboard the SS Circassian from Bremen. According to Württemberg Emigration Index, Karl William appled in September 1867 to emigrate from Plochingen, Esslingen, to North America.
  • August Friedrich Nussbaum and Catharina (?), appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1870 in Niagara, Niagara County, New York. Other members of the household included Johann Gottlieb Nussbaum, Carl Wilhelm Nussbaum, Christian Gottlieb Nussbaum and Emanuel Gottlieb Nussbaum. Also in the household were children John (age 7), Frederick (5), William (3) and Charles (1).
  • He was a shoemaker, according to the 1870 census.
  • Research Note: It is an educated guess that August, Christian, Gottlieb and Charles Nussbaum are brothers, although there is a possibility that some of them may have been first cousins, from Polchingen.
  • Last Edited: 25 Jul 2013