Charles Teed Pollard

b. 25 August 1805, d. 10 January 1888

Charles Teed Pollard, 1806-1888
  • Charles Teed Pollard was born on 25 August 1805 in Virginia.
  • He married Emily Virginia Scott, daughter of Gen. John Baytop Scott and Elizabeth Coleman, on 15 November 1832.
  • He enlisted as a private in the 3rd Alabama Infantry at the outbreak of war. Major campaigns and battles included Seven Pines, Seven Days', and Malvern Hill (wounded). After recovering from his wounds, Pollard actively campaigned in Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas as a member of General William W. Allen's staff.
  • Charles Teed Pollard and Emily Virginia Scott appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1870 in Montgomery PO, Montgomery County, Alabama. Other members of the household included Virginia Scott Lee, Paul Cornelius Lee and Bettie Scott Pollard. Also in the household were Pollard children John S. (age 24) Clara V. (21) and Robert L. (17), and Lee grandchildren Rebecca F. (7), Joseph P. (5) and Clara V. (3).
  • He was president of Montgomery & West Point Railroad, according to the 1870 census.
  • Charles Teed Pollard died on 10 January 1888 at age 82 in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • His wife Emily Virginia Scott became a widow at his death.
  • He was interred at Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama.
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Family: Emily Virginia Scott b. 23 January 1818, d. 10 February 1904