Walter Lewis Campbell

b. 10 November 1788
  • Walter Lewis Campbell was born on 10 November 1788.
  • Archibald Campbell and Rebecca Kirk appeared in the US federal census of 4 August 1800 in Hillsborough, Orange County, North Carolina, and also 1 male age 16-25 and one female age over 44.. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Walter Lewis Campbell, James Archibald Campbell, Duncan Greene Campbell, Margaret Dudley, Sarah Quentina Campbell, John Wesley Campbell, Betsey Hayes Campbell, Nancy Mansfield Campbell and William Archibald Campbell.
  • From Baldwin Fluker's probate records: Feb 1828. At the first quarter session 1929, in Bibb County, Georgia: To wife, Sarah Q. Fluker and to children Robert O. T. Fluker, Badlwin M. M. Fluker, Rebecca M. Fluker, and Anne E. Fluker all my real and personal estate, each inheriting 1/5 of my whole estate. Executors: wife, Sarah Q. Fluker, Thomas Pace, son Robert O. T. Fluker, James Willis, and Isaac B. Rootland [sic]. Wit: Nicholas Childers, Walter L. Campbell, Edwin E. Campbell.
  • Walter Lewis Campbell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1830 in Houston County, Georgia. Although little is known of his life, it appears that he had a wife and family, and that other adult males were living in the household in 1830. Included in the household were 2 males age 0-4, 1 male age 5-9, 1 male age 15-19, 2 males age 19-29, 1 male age 30-39 and 1 male age 40-49, as well as 2 females age 0-4, 1 female age 15-19 and 1 female age 30-39.
  • The following appeared on 15 September 1831 in The Daily Georgian:
         Delegates to the Eatonton Convention from Jones county -- Dr. Thomas Hamilton, Dr. A. H. Flewellen, Wm. S. C. Reid, Col. Thos. Moughon, James Gray.
         From Houston county -- Walter L. Campbell, Col. Michael Watson.
  • The following appeared on 27 March 1833 in the Georgia Telegraph: A new Post Office has been established in Houston county, called Campbell's Store, of which Walter L. Campbell Esq. is appointed Post Master.
  • Macon County, Georgia, was formed 14 December 1837 from Houston and Marion counties. The first court was held at the house of Walter L. Campbell, Judge King presiding.
  • Walter Lewis Campbell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1840 in Macon County, Georgia. Apparently Walter's wife died sometime between the 1830 and 1840 censuses. Enumerated in the household were 1 male age 10-14, 1 male age 15-19, 1 male age 20-29 and 1 male age 50-59, as well as 1 female age 5-9 and 2 females age 10-14. Walter L. Campbell was enumerator.
  • Walter L. Campbell was a delegate from Macon County to the Georgia Democratic Convention in June 1843.
  • Last mention found of Walter Campbell appears to be a sale of property in Talbot County, Walter L. Campbell, of the County of Macon, to Amos Adams, 29 January 1845.
  • There are no Campbells found in the 1850 census in Macon County, Georgia. Perhaps some or all of the family went to Louisiana, where in 1850 a Walter L. Campbell (age 27, born in Georgia) is enumerated as a slave trader in Orleans Parish.
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