Ida Brodnax

  • Ida Brodnax was born in Louisiana.
  • She married B. T. Sompayrac.
  • The following appeared on 1 September 1936 in The Alexandria Town Talk: [Died] On Saturday, August 29, 1936, at 2:30 a. m. at the home of his daughter in Brookland, Tex., John R. Brodnax aged 89 year. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. P. C. Hychembottom, Winnfield, La; Mrs. B. T. Sompayrac, Alexandria, La; Mrs. W. L. Cooper, Brookland, Tex; five sons, Eugene and Herbert of Alexandria, La; Grover, Hodge, La; Lane, Elmer, La; and Grady, Shreveport, La; two brothers, Paul, Hemphill, Tex; Whittier, Uvalde, Tex; two sisters, Mrs. Ollie Porter, Mansfield, La; and Mrs. Hess Peace, Uvalde, Tex.
         Funeral services were held Sunday morning, Aug. 30, at Henderson's cemetery, Boyce, La.
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Family: B. T. Sompayrac b. circa 1889