Albert Hodges Morehead

b. 22 May 1852, d. 23 January 1922
  • Albert Hodges Morehead was born on 22 May 1852 in Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky.
  • He married Bianca Noa, daughter of Ismar Noa, in 1904.
  • Albert Hodges Morehead died on 23 January 1922 at age 69 in Waco, McLennan County, Texas.
  • His wife Bianca Noa became a widow at his death.
  • The following appeared on 24 January 1922 in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: (Waco, Jan. 24) Albert Hodges Morehead, 70, of Waco, teacher of voice, son of the late James Turner Morehead, former Governor of Kentucky, died here last night. He was born in the gubernatorial mansion at Frankfort, Ky. He is survived by his wife and two sons, James T. and Alfred H., both of Lexington Ky.
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Family: Bianca Noa b. 23 May 1874, d. 27 July 1945