Mary McEachin Rodes

b. September 1888, d. 19 May 1989
  • Mary McEachin Rodes was born in September 1888 in Kentucky.
  • The following appeared on 13 December 1914 in The Lexington Herald: The marriage of Miss Mary McEachin Rodes to Mr. Charles William Leophort, of Missoula, Mont., will be celebrated on the evening of Tuesday, the 29th of December, at 8 o'clock. It will be a beautiful Christmas wedding at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. J. Waller Rodes, on the Nicholasville road. The Rev. Cary Moore, of Cynthiana, will be officiating minister and only kinsman and most intimate friends will be present. The bride's sister, Miss Elizabeth Rodes, will be maid of honor, her brother, Mr. Powell Rodes, will be best man, and her cousin, Miss Eleanore Luzenberg, of New Orleans, the bridesmaid. The ribbon bearers will be Misses Mary Ford Rodes, Sarah and Bettie Carter, Sarah Marshall, Hester Lowry of Nicholasville, Mattie Car of Versailles, Alice Cary Williams of Louisville, and Julia Breazaelle, of New Orleans. The ceremony will be followed by a reception, and the couple will leave the next morning for the West to make their home in Missoula. A humber of lovely pre-nuptial affairs will be given in honor of the bride-elect.
  • She married Charles William Leaphart on 29 December 1914 in Fayette County, Kentucky.
  • Mary McEachin Rodes became a widow at the 25 October 1978 death of her husband Charles William Leaphart.
  • Mary McEachin Rodes died on 19 May 1989 at age 100 in Missoula County, Montana.
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Family: Charles William Leaphart b. 30 September 1883, d. 25 October 1978