Americus C. Mitchell

b. 23 December 1870, d. 1 September 1938
  • Americus C. Mitchell was born on 23 December 1870 in Alabama.
  • James Billingslea Mitchell and Rebecca Stone Ryan appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1880 in Seale, Russell County, Alabama. Other members of the household included Americus C. Mitchell, Frances Phillips Mitchell, James Billingslea Mitchell Jr., William A. Mitchell and H. (?). And also in the household was one female domestic servant.
  • The following appeared on 18 June 1895 in The Columbus Enquirer-Sun: Lieutenant Americus Mitchell, who recently graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, N. Y., arrived in the city Saturday night and will spend the summer at the residence of his mother, Mrs. James B. Mitchell, 208 Eleventh street.
  • The following appeared on 4 September 1910 in The Columbus Enquirer-Sun: Mrs. Rebecca Stone Mitchell, of West Point, New York, announced the engagement of her daughter, Mary, to Lieut. Harold C. Fiske, Corps. of Engineers, U. S. A. [:CR] [:TAB] The above announcement is taken from the army and navy journal and is of great interest to the many Columbus friends of the bride, Miss Mitchell, who has resided with her mother for the past six or seven years iin West Point. She is the sister of Capt. Americus Mitchell, U. and S. A., and also of William A. Mitchell, Corps of Engineers, and the family formerly resided in Columbus. Miss Mitchell is a bright and charming young woman and has visited Columbus several times since her residence out of the state. [:CR] [:TAB] Lieut. Fiske is instructor in the Department of Engineering at the Military Academy at West Point, New York.
  • The following appeared on 30 October 1910 in The Columbus Enquirer-Sun: An engagement of interest over the state is that of Miss Miriam Milton Atkinson, daughter of the late Governor W. Y. Atkinson, of Newnan, to Captain Americus Mitchell, Fifth Regiment of Infantry, U. S. A. The announcement is made by Mrs. W. Y. Atkinson, the mother of the bride-elect, the wedding to take place in December at the bride's home in Newnan. The bridegroom-elect is stationed at Fort Leavenworth, where he will take his bride.
         Captain Americus Mitchell is a nephew of Mrs. Georgia Mitchell is a nephew of Mrs. Georgia Mitchell and a cousin of Mr. Jule C. Mitchell of this city, and has many friends in Columbus.
  • He married Miriam Atkinson, daughter of William Y. Atkinson, circa December 1910.
  • The following appeared on 28 October 1920 in The Columbus Ledger: A Columbus Boy's Distinguished Military Service. We still think of him as a Columbus "boy," although it has been years and years since this quiet, modest youngster was in our midst, and he has since then reached manhood's estate plus. Hundreds of Columbus people recall him pleasantly-- plain Will Mitchell then, now Colonel William A. Mitchel of the United States army. [:CR] [:TAB] The "official History of the Second Engineers in the World War, 1916-1919," as compiled by the Regimental Headquarters, Second Engineers, lies before me. It is not as dry and musty as the title might imply, for it is saturated with human interest as well as stories of valor-- stories that thrill, even if the are couched in quiet, contained sentences. It is a book of 257 pages. Among the many illustrations are pictures of two officers whose record in the war was particularly gallant and distinguished. One of these is Colonel William A. Mitchell, whose picture occupies a place of honor-- the full-page opposite the introduction. [:CR] [:TAB] . . . William A. Mitchell was born in Seale, Ala., in the neighboring county of Russell, his father being Hon. James B. Mitchell, a lawyer, who represented that county for two terms in the Alabama senate and who died in the prime of life at 46. His grandfather, A. C. Mitchell, of Glenville, Ala., also represented Barbour county for four years in the Alabama senate. His ancestors have been Americans since before the revolution. [:CR] [:TAB] After his father's death Mr. Mitchell came to Columbus and was a resident of this city (including the 2-1/2 years he was at Auburn, at college) for about seven years. For several years he was with J. Kyle & Co. at the time Mr. F. B. Gordon, as managing partner, was in charge of that extensive mercantile enterprise. He was Mr. Gordon's private secretary and even in those days distinguished himself by a thoroughness and quality of service that attracted the attention of his employers. It was only natural that the young man's thoughts should turn toward a military career, as his older brother, Colonel Americus Mitchell, was then an officer in the United States army. Mr. Gordon became greatly interested in him and was of substantial assistance in obtaining his appointment to the West Point Military Academy from the Fourth Georgia district. His army record subsequently was one of steady advancement. [:CR] [:TAB] During the world War Colonel Mitchell organized the 20th Engineers (a forestry regiment) containing about 27,000 men, and shipped it to Europe, going over himself with the last detachment of the regiment. This was, perhaps, the largest regiment ever organized. Shortly after he reached France Colonel Mitchell was placed in command of the 2nd Engineers, this regiment constituting the Engineer regiment of the 2nd Division. He served with this regiment from Chateau Thierry to the armistice, and later on became corps engineer of the 8th corps. [:CR] [:TAB] Those familiar with world-war history of course know of the famous Second Division, and his regiment constituted one of the most eicient [sic] parts of this great division. For his services he was awarded several medals by the French (one of them the second highest honor given by the French government) and the distinguished service medal by the United States. [:CR] [:TAB] Colonel Mitchell is now an instructor at Fort Leavenworth. His brother, Colonel Americus Mitchell, is now stationed at Camp Benning.
  • The following appeared on 29 January 1922 in The Columbus Enquirer-Sun: The following is the civil docket which is expected to be disposed of during the first day of the court: Monday, February 6, 1922. . . . Miriam Atkinson Mitchell vs. Americus Mitchell, petition for alimony. [A similar petition for alimony also appeared on the civil docket for 7 November 1921.]
  • Americus C. Mitchell died on 1 September 1938 at age 67.
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