George Saunders

b. circa 1710, d. between 1752 and 1754
  • George Saunders was born circa 1710.
  • He married Hannah Gibson, daughter of (?) Gibson and Unknown (?), circa 1736.
  • According to Bishop Gregg: "George Saunders came to an untimely end on a Sunday about 1752/4, in connection with which a singular incident is related. He was engaged in cutting down a bee tree, a cypress, in the swamp on the opposite side of the river. As the cypress fell, the limb of an ash was broken off, and being thrown with violence on the head of Saunders, killed him instantly. An ash afterwards came up at the head of his grave and grew to a large tree, being regarded by the people as a standing monument to the judgment sent upon him for the violation of the Lord's Day, which led to his end."
  • George Saunders died between 1752 and 1754.
  • His wife Hannah Gibson became a widow at his death.
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Family 1: Hannah Gibson b. circa 1711, d. between 1769 and 1773

Family 2: Agnes Kelly

Family 3: Unknown (?) b. say 1715, d. say 1759