James Everett Torbert

b. 20 February 1889, d. 29 June 1973

James Everett Torbert, 1889-1973
  • James Everett Torbert was born on 20 February 1889 in Old Spring Hill, Marengo County, Alabama.
  • James Anthony Torbert and Anna Mary Pegues appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1900 in Jackson's Store Precinct, Marengo County, Alabama. Other members of the household included James Everett Torbert, Sidney Ernest Torbert, Florence Edna Torbert, Thomas Jefferson Torbert, Sarah Decima Torbert, Rebecca Pegues Torbert, George Whitfield Torbert, Sylvester Sledge Torbert and James Bartholomew Pegues.
  • On 16 January 1901, James Bartholomew Pegues wrote to Rebecca Pegues Torbert:
         New Orleans, Jan 16, 1901
         Miss Redie Torbert, Old Spring Hill, Ala
    My dear little daughter
         I know you thought I had entirely forgotten my promise to send you my picture; but you were mistaken. Grandpa seldom forgets a promise made to anyone and especially does he remember one made to his dear little children. I am sometimes slow in fulfilling my promises; but as soon as I can I always try to do it so you must forgive me for being so long about it. I send you my picture in this letter. Deccie & the boys Kit & Fletch say it is a good one, I don’t know whether it is or not myself. If I ever have the money to spare I am going to have some photographs taken and send some of you one of those. I had this picture taken for you alone. I want to see you all so bad. It seems like a year since I left home. I can’t tell now when I will come back home. Work is scarce here just now and hard to get so money is scarce with me. I would give a lot to see my & Dutchman, and in fact all of you. Tell my Dutchman that I will be sure to bring him a lot of nails when I come and tell Whitfield I have not forgotten his hatchet, and that it shall be a steel one that will not break so easy. I suppose you all go to school now to Miss Bertie Small, Do you like her. I hope my dear little Jimmie is well and finally rid of his chills. Tell your mama to open my box of scaley barks and take half of them out for you all if you want them, and if she can to sell the other half for me and pay Mr. Lowry the 30c I owe him and if she get more than 30c for them to buy her some postage stamps with the rest. I don’t know if she can sell them or not, or what they are worth. Kiss mama, the baby, my Dutchman, and Whitfield for me and give my love to all the rest. Now my dear little girl I must close. Deccie & the boys send love to all. Tell old man Isac howdy for me when you see him. Write to me when you can.
         Your loving Grandfather.
  • A photographic portrait was made of James and Anna Pegues Torbert and children (except older brothers Sidney Ernest and Thomas Jefferson), about 1903.
    James and Anna Pegues Torbert and their family, about 1903
  • Young James Everett Torbert.
    James Everett Torbert, 1889-1973
  • James Everett Torbert appeared in the US federal census of 15 April 1910 in Faunsdale, Marengo County, Alabama, in the household of hotel keeper Wm H. McDonald.
  • He was drug salesman, according to the 1910 census.
  • The following appeared on 22 September 1912 in The Montgomery Advertiser: (Faunsdale) Misses Louise Adams, Nell and Evelyn Shahan returned Saturday from Marion Junction where they spent a week with relatives and friends.
         Miss Nell Shahan left Monday to enter the A. N. C. for the next term.
         Mr. B. C. Adams spent Sunday with his mother.
         . . . Miss Julia McKnight, who leaves Thursday for the Marion Seminary, entertained quite a number of her friends at a dance on Tuesday night. Those present were Misses Bailey, Tellman, Moseley, Brown, Florence Bell, Louise Adams, Dollins, Messrs. Heyward and Windsor Spinks, Hugh Brown, Jim Torbert, Walter Bailey, R. Harris.
  • He and Louise Beall Adams obtained a marriage license on 2 February 1914 in Marengo County, Alabama.
  • He married Louise Beall Adams, daughter of Thomas Felix Adams and Mary Louise Hopper, on 6 June 1914 in Faunsdale, Marengo County, Alabama, at the Rectory of St. Michael's, with Rector J. J. Harriss officiating The marriage was witnessed by Anna Mary Pegues.
  • The Torbert brothers were photographed together about 1915.
  • A photographic portrait was made of Louise and Jim Torbert's first child, Mary Louise, about 1917.
  • James Everett Torbert registered for the draft on 6 June 1917 in Marengo County, Alabama, while living in Faunsdale, and employed as a druggist at Faunsdale Drug Company, having served previously as a private in the Infantry in Alabama for one week.
  • James Everett Torbert and Louise Beall Adams appeared in the US federal census of 1 January 1920 in Faunsdale, Marengo County, Alabama. Other members of the household included Mary Louise Torbert, Doris Torbert and Mary Louise Hopper.
  • He was a druggist working in a drug store, according to the 1920 census.
  • Doris and big sister Mary Louise Torbert were photographed about 1920.
  • Mary Louise and Doris Torbert were photographed about 1922.
  • A photographic portrait was made of Louise Torbert and daughters Doris, Evelyn and Mary Louise, about 1923.
    Louise Torbert with daughters Doris, Evelyn and Mary Louise, about 1923
  • Torbert sisters Doris, Evelyn and Mary Louise were photographed abut 1926.
  • For a short time Jim Torbert operated a drug store in Jasper, Walker County, but returned to Marengo County in 1927 as proprietor of Bailey's Drug Store on Washington Street in Demopolis. Bailey's was first established by James Lawrence Bailey, husband of James E. Torbert's father's first cousin Anna Edna Cornish. Some items from the old drugstore are treasured by his descendants.
    Memorabilia from James Everett Torbert's drug store in Demopolis
    Memorabilia from James Everett Torbert's drug store in Demopolis
  • Louise Torbert and daughters Mary Louise, Evelyn and Doris were photographed about 1929.
    Louise Torbert with daughters Mary Louise, Evelyn and Doris, about 1929
  • James Everett Torbert and Louise Beall Adams appeared in the US federal census of 1 April 1930 in Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama. Other members of the household included Mary Louise Torbert and Doris Torbert. Also enumerated as a lodger in the household was pharmacist William M. Cox.
  • He was proprietor of a drug store, according 1930 census.
  • James and Louise Torbert were photographed during the mid-1940s in front of their home on Main Street in Demopolis.
    James Everett & Louise Beall Adams Torbert, mid-1940s
  • During a visit to Grandmother and Granddaddy Torbert in Demopolis, about 1952, their grandchildren were photographed together.
    Grandchildren of Jim and Louise Torbert, about 1952
  • A snapshot was taken during the 1950s of Louise Torbert in front of Bailey's Drug Store, with Betty Kate Boozer on the left, and Joan Vaughn on the right.
    Bailey's Drug Store in Demopolis, about 1955, Louise Adams Torbert center,
    with Betty Kate Mackey Boozer and Joan Vaughn
  • James Everett Torbert died on 29 June 1973 at age 84 in Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama, at Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital.
  • His wife Louise Beall Adams became a widow at his death.
  • He was interred at Demopolis Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama.
    James Everett Torbert (1889-1973), Memorial Garden Cemetery, Demopolis
  • The following appeared on 5 July 1973 in The Demopolis Times: Funeral services for James Everett Torbert, 84, were held at the graveside in Memorial Gardens Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock with the Reverend C. K. Little Jr., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church officiating. His death occurred in Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital Friday, June 29. Honorary pallbearers were: James Breitling, Dr. Fred Whitfield, E. H. C. Bailey, Wallace Harper, Clyde Waldrop, Walker McKee, Edward O. Eddins and T. M. Culpepper, Jr. Cook and Spigener was in charge of arrangements. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Louise Adams Torbert, of Demopolis, three daughters, Mrs. George L. Sherrill, of Athens and Atlanta, Mrs. William B. Wood, of St. Louis, Mo., Mrs. A. Russell Upshaw, Jr., of Stamford, Conn., two sisters, Mrs. Anson Ballow, of Sylacauga and Mrs. Jim Speed, of Jefferson, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. James E. Torbert was born in Old Spring Hill, Alabama. He was married to Miss Louise Adams, of Faunsdale, and had a drug store in Faunsdale, and later had one in Jasper, where he lived before moving to Demopolis in 1927 when he bought Bailey Drug Co. (now O'Neals). The store was begun by the husband of one of his cousins and had been in operation many years before he purchased it. Later, James R. Breitling, who was a pharmacist with him, became a partner in the business, which was sold to the O'Neals about five years ago. Mrs. Torbert worked with her husband and James Breitling in the Washington Street store. Their daughters have been with them off and on for several weeks while Mr. and Mrs. Torbert were ill. Mr. and Mrs. Wood will remain for about two weeks. Russell Upshaw, Jr. and their daughter, Louise, joined his wife here. They were in Puerto Rico where he will be working for two years. Mrs. George Sherrill returned to Atlanta Monday. Others who came from out of town were: Mrs. Sam Fort, of Besemer, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Upshaw, of Birmingham, James W. Torbert and Mrs. Mary Torbert Smith, of Mobile, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Moseley and Mrs. J. C. Vaughan, all of Thomaston, and a number of friends and relatives from this section.
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Family: Louise Beall Adams b. 20 December 1893, d. 6 February 1978