Margaret Haynie

b. 6 March 1858, d. 22 March 1940
  • Margaret Haynie was born on 6 March 1858 in Grimes County, Texas.
  • She was known as Maggie.
  • Thomas Jefferson Haynie and Edna Jane Uzzell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1860 in Anderson, Grimes County, Texas. Other members of the household included Margaret Haynie, Desanthea Haynie, Emmett Albert Haynie and Jefferson Haynie.
  • Thomas Jefferson Haynie and Edna Jane Uzzell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1870 in Navasota, Grimes County, Texas. Other members of the household included Margaret Haynie, Desanthea Haynie, Emmett Albert Haynie, Jefferson Haynie, William U. Haynie and Mary Caroline Haynie.
  • She married John Oscar Stoneham, son of John H. Stoneham and Elizabeth Eveline Greenwood, in 1880.
  • Thomas Jefferson Haynie and Edna Jane Uzzell appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1880 in Anderson, Grimes County, Texas. Other members of the household included Margaret Haynie, William U. Haynie and Robert Lee Haynie.
  • John Oscar Stoneham and Margaret Haynie appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1900 in Grimes County, Texas.
  • The following appeared on 12 June 1902 in the Houston Daily Post: (Navasota, June 11) At 12:30 o'clock last night, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Stoneham at Stoneham, T. J. Haynie ended a long and honorable earthly career.
         The body will be conveyed to Anderson this afternoon (Wednesday). Services to be held at the Preston hotel at 10 a. m. Thursday; interment to be in Odd Fellows' cemetery immediately afterwards.
         T. J. Haynie came to Grimes county from Alabama in the early forties. He was a young and vigorous man and settled about where the Dolph community is now located. He engaged in farming and by close diligence and energy soon demonstrated that he was one of the best and most successful farmers in this country. This occupation he pursued until the death of his wife, some twenty-five years ago, when he retired.
         Mr. Haynie married Miss Azzle [sic] of Montgomery county about 1853, and of the fruit of that union there now live Emmett, William, Jeff Haynie, Mrs. George E. White and Mrs. J. O. Stoneham.
         Mr. Haynie was 80 years old at the time of his death. He was a member of the State militia during the civil war, for many years a member of the Methodist church, and a member of the masonic fraternity. He was at all times a close student of all his business affairs, honorable and upright.
  • The following appears in the Grimes County Probate Minutes: Estate of William U. Haynie, died intestate, administrator for Grimes County brother Jeff Haynie, petition filed 18 July 1903. Died 8 March 1903, wife mentioned as "Mrs. Maggie Haynie" and siblings mentioned in inventory as "the other 5 heirs of T. J. Haynie & wife E. J. Haynie, both deceased, viz: Emmett A. Haynie, R. Lee Haynie, Jeff Haynie, Mrs. Addie H. White, and Mrs. Margie H. Stoneham."
  • Margaret Haynie became a widow at the 28 May 1906 death of her husband John Oscar Stoneham.
  • The following appeared on 22 December 1907 in The Galveston Daily News: (Stoneham) Miss Tennie Haynie of Anderson is the guest of her cousin, Mrs. J. O. Stoneham. . . . Messrs. Roy, Claud and Irvin Stoneham came home last week, Roy and Claud from San Antonio Academy and Irvin from Allen Academy, Bryan, to spend Christmas with their mother, Mrs. J. O. Stoneham.
  • The following appeared on 13 July 1926 in The Stamford Leader: R. L. Haynie of the Penick-Hughes Company, died suddenly at his home Sunday morning at 3:30 oclock, Stamford, Jones county, Texas.
         Mr. Haynie had returned from Fort Worth Saturday afternoon where he had been with the Highway Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. He went out to Lake Penick later to confer with his partner, Mr. R.L. Penick, who was at his country home. There Mr. Haynie stated that he had never felt better in his life and upon returning home Mr. Haynie retired about 11:00 oclock. At 2:00 oclock, he called his sons, Lloyd and Jeff, and asked that a physician be called, stating that he felt bad. He lay down on a couch where he expired in a few moments.
         Mrs. Haynie, who was with her daughter, Miss Edna, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Sansom in Georgetown, Texas, was notified at once by telephone, and she arrived in Stamford at 5:00 Sunday afternoon, accompanied by her brothers, the Rev. Earnest Sansom, of Houston, and Ray Sansom of Georgetown, Texas, and her sister, Miss Willie Sansom.
         The Sansom family was enjoying a family reunion, and Mr. Haynie had planned to join Mrs. Haynie at Georgetown during this week and together they planned to attend the Texas Hardware Jobbers Association meeting in Galveston.
         No death has shocked Stamford more than that of R.L. Haynie, for nearly 23 years a member of the firm of Penick-Hughes Company.
         Surviving are his wife, who was Miss Lora May Sansom, of Georgetown, to whom he was married in 1909, and their daughter, Miss Edna, and three sons, Lloyd, Jeff and Elbert, whose mother was Miss Matilda Elizabeth Blair, of Bell County, and who passed away in Stamford 18 years ago. Two sisters, Mrs. George E. White of Fort Worth, and Mrs. Maggie Hanyie Stoneham, of Stoneham, Texas, also survive. The elderst son, Leonard, died about 10 years ago.
         Robert Lee Haynie was born near Anderson in Grimes County in 1870. Orphaned at an early age, he spent his young manhood days in Bell county, and was a student at the Southwestern University at Georgetown. He came to Stamford when the town was three years old and entered the firm of Penick-Hughes company. During his 23 years in the city, Mr. Haynie has worked unceasingly for its progress. He is chariman of the committee for the committee for the local Chamber of Commerce. He was a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner, a charter member of the Rotary Club and a member of the First Presbyterian church.
         Since the organization of the Rotary Club 5 years ago, no death has occurred in its membership until now.
         The funeral services occurred at the home Monday afternoon at 3:00, conducted by the Rev. Earnest S. Sansom, pastor of the Central Park Presbyterian church of Houston.
         The Masonic ritual was observed at the grave.
         The only one of the family circle absent from the funeral was Elbert, the youngest son, who is in the United States Navy, on the flagship Dobbins.
         Rev. Earnest S. Sansom of Houston read the scripture and the Rev. J.D. McLean of Spur offered prayer.
  • Margaret Haynie died on 22 March 1940 at age 82 in Stoneham, Grimes County, Texas, . Her death was officially witnessed by Hal Bryant Stoneham.
  • She was interred at Stoneham Cemetery, Grimes County, Texas.
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Family: John Oscar Stoneham b. 29 April 1858, d. 28 May 1906