Margaret (?)

d. circa 24 December 1841
  • Margaret (?) was born.
  • She married Robert W. Warner.
  • Robert W. Warner and Margaret (?) appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1840 in New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Edward Warner. Also in the household were two females aged 5-9 and one male aged 10-14.
  • Margaret (?) died circa 24 December 1841 in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Robert W. Warner became a widower at her death.
  • The following appeared on 1 January 1842 in The Connecticut Courant: [Died] At New Haven, on the 24th ult., Mrs. Margaret G. wife of Mr. Robert Warner, aged 36.
  • The following appeared on 5 January 1842 in The Constitution: [Died] In New Haven, Dec. 24. . . Mrs. Margaret G., wife of Mr. Robert Warner, aged 26 -- formerly of New Jersey.
  • Research Note: Edward "Devillo" Warner, age 21, died in Connecticut on 10 August 1859.
  • Research is ongoing to clarify family relationships of beneficiaries named by Samuel De Veaux in his will:
         . . . I appoint as my Trustees, William H. De Lancey, William Shelton, Peter A. Porter, Richard H. Woodruff.
         I will and bequeath all of my estate, both real and personal, which I am possessed of now and at the time of my decease, (excepting what is reserved in the settlement with Mrs. De Veaux, and as is herein excepted) to the persons last above mentioned, and their assigns, in trust for the uses and purposes hereinafter set forth and particularly specified.
         The said Trustees are to pay my niece, Susan D. Flagg, of New Orleans, or to her heirs, the sum of five hundred dollars a year for twenty years; to be remitted to her, or to be paid personally, by the first day of May in each year. The first of which payments shall commence and be made on the first day of May next after my decease. It would be well to fund safely a sufficient sum to meet this annual demand, as soon as it may be at the command of said Trustees.
         Said Trustees are to pay Charlotte De Veaux, widow of my deceased nephew, William De Veaux, of New Orleans, the sum of five hundred dollars.
         They are to pay to the children of my deceased niece, Margaret Warner, of New Haven, Ct., the sum of two thousand dollars, to be equally divided among them.
         They are to pay to my niece, Maria D. C. Haynes, a sufficient sum to meet the balance due on ten shares in the Niagara Falls International Bridge Company, which shares I have transferred to her. To be paid as the installments are called for on the part of the Company. They are also to give to the said Maria, a certain note which I now hold against her husband, Daniel C. Haynes, or the proceeds thereof, if such note be paid to me before my decease.
         They are to hold in trust for the use and occupation of my nephew, Samuel D. Williams, the middle part of Lot number three, (3) in Township 13, Range 9, in the town of Niagara, and county aforesaid. The wife and children are in no case to be disturbed in the occupation of said premises; and when the children become of age, the said Trustees or their assigns, are to convey said premises to them, in fee simple. The said Trustees are also to pay one thousand dollars to said Williams, his wife, or children, from time to time, as they may think most beneficial for them. The amount standing against him in my books is not to be considered as any offset, or as a demand against him--and is not to be collected. . . .
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Family: Robert W. Warner b. circa 1800, d. 22 September 1857