Otto Charles Harmson

b. 6 March 1876, d. 29 April 1911
  • Otto Charles Harmson was born on 6 March 1876 in Sacramento, California.
  • The following appeared on 13 March 1876 in the Sacramento Daily Union: Born] (Sacramento, March 6) Wife of John Harmson, a son.
  • John Harmson and Philippina Dexheimer appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1880 in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, at 1117 Fifteenth Street and one boarder.. Other members of the household included Otto Charles Harmson, Lillie M. Harmson and John William Harmson.
  • The following appeared on 14 December 1890 in The Sunday Union: H. J. Goethe, through his attorney, Isaac Joseph, has filed in the County Clerk's office the will of the late William Schmidt. The deceased bequeaths to Mrs. Lena Harms, his sister-in-law, the sum of $500, to Charles Schmitt, editor of the Nord California Herold, $100; to Lillie Harmson; John Harmson and Otto Harmson, his step-children, the balance of his estate. The petition for the probate of the will states that the estate consists mainly of houses and lots in this city of the value of avour $16,500. The hearing of the petition has been set for Friday, December 26th.
  • The following appeared on 11 May 1894 in the Sacramento Daily Record-Union: Lillie Harmson, guardian of John and Otto Charles Harmson, minors, has petitioned the Superior Court for an order to mortgage certain real estate for the purpose of paying a debt of $1,303.34.
  • Otto Charles Harmson and Lillie M. Harmson appeared in the 1895 Sacramento, California, City Directory at 1233 H Street and their brother John is listed at the same address.
  • The following appeared on 23 June 1897 in the Sacramento Daily Record-Union: [Died] In this city, June 21st. Lillie M. Harmson, sister of John and Otto Harmson, a native of Sacramento City. Cal., aged 25 years, 10 months and 19 days.
         Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral to-day, Wednesday, at 2 p. m., from her late residence, 1233 H street.
  • Otto Charles Harmson appeared in the 1899 Sacramento, California, City Directory at 716 Thirteenth Street lemployed by Burnett & Son..
  • He served in the US Marine Corps from July 1900 to July 1905, in California, Guam, and aboard the USS Solace.
  • He married Lenora M. Gilmore, daughter of Robert M. Gilmore and Alice Getchell, circa 1907.
  • Otto Charles Harmson and Lenora M. Gilmore appeared in the US federal census of 15 April 1910 in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, at 809 I Street. His name was recorded as Arnold Harmson.
  • He was employed as a tinsmith, according to the 1910 census.
  • Otto Charles Harmson died on 29 April 1911 at age 35 in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California.
  • Lenora M. Gilmore became a widow at his death.
  • He was interred at Sacramento City Cemetery, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California.
  • The following appeared on 30 April 1911 in The San Francisco Call: (Sacramento) Otto Harmson, a general helper, was blown to pieces and J. Butcher and Andrew Johnson were seriously injured in an explosion of an acetylene gas tank in shop No. 5 of the Southern Pacific Company here Sunday. A spark from a cigarette which Harmson is said to have been smoking caused the explosion.
         Harmson, with Johnson and Butcher, were transferring the gas from a large tank to a small tank truck drawn by a horse. Harmson was standing over the truck when the explosion occurred. The gas was under a 6,000 pound pressure, and the force of the explosion threw Harmson through the side of the building.
         Johnson and Butcher were immediately rushed to the railroad hospital and treated for their numerous burns. Johnson is in a serious condition with probably internal injuries. He was severely burned about the head and face. Butcher was injured about the knees.
         The force of the explosion shook every building in the city, shattered the windows in the depot and in the cars standing on the track. A flying piece of steel struck the horse which Harmson was driving, and completely severed one of its hind legs as if cut with a knife. A tremendous hole was torn in the building, and rocks and steel thrown in all directions.
         The railroad officials say that a light, presumably from a cigarette, ignited the gas. They say smoking is positively forbidden in the shops. Harmson is survived by a widow and two brothers.
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Family: Lenora M. Gilmore b. October 1874