Ida Cleghorn

b. circa 1849, d. 6 March 1945
  • Ida Cleghorn was born circa 1849 in New York.
  • Robert Hill Cleghorn and Margaret Gow appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1860 in Lewiston, Niagara County, New York. Other members of the household included Ida Cleghorn, John C. Cleghorn, Mary Jean Cleghorn, Margaret Cleghorn, Alexander G. Cleghorn and Robert Cleghorn. Also in the household was one female domestic servant.
  • Miss Ida Cleghorn was hired from Nov. 1868 to teach at the Robinson School in Lewiston during the winter term of 16 weeks at $7 per week, according to an article on the history of the school published in the Niagara Falls Gazette in 1954.
  • She married James P. Hewett, son of Benjamin Hewett and Lydia (?), in April 1873.
  • The following appeared on 24 February 1928 in The Niagara Falls Gazette: The People from the Country (signed L. O. M.) . . . There, too, is Robert Cleghorn of the town of Lewiston. He was the father of Ida, now Mrs. James P. Hewett; Jean, who once taught in the Fifth street school and is now in California; Margaret, Maud, John, Alex, and George. Robert Cleghorn was a square, well-built man of considerable energy, his son John having been one of the tallest young men in this locality in those days. . . .
  • The following appeared on 23 January 1939 in the Niagara Falls Gazette: A Peep Into the Past . . . One of those who early decided raido in the home was a pretty good thing was George A. Cleghorn, who lived at 724 Division avenue. According to a news story in the Gazette of January 23, 1924, Mr. Cleghorn chalked up some sort of record by getting 35 stations in live and one-half hours on his set.
         Among the cities which he reached by radio were Omaha, Louisville, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Havana, Cuba.
         It is highly probable that Mr. Cleghorn would show little interest in listening to so many stations in such a brief time today, because radio has almost moved out of the luxury class and the quality of the programs and the reception are the important considerations. In place of crystals, peanut tubes, dry cells, storage batteries and earphones have come metal tubes, twin speakers, the "Magic Eye," balanced tuning and greaater selectivity.
         Mr. Cleghorn is retired now and resides near Los Angeles, Calif., suring the winter, returning to Niagara falls in the summer to visit his sister, Mrs. Ida C. Hewitt, of 2226 Ontario avenue, and other relatives here.
  • Ida Cleghorn died on 6 March 1945.
  • The following appeared in The Niagara Falls Gazette: [Died] March 6, 1945, Mrs. Ida Cleghorn Hewitt, 95, 2226 Ontario avenue, believed to be oldest native of Niagara county.
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Family: James P. Hewett b. 12 April 1851