Margaretha Isler

b. 24 November 1834, d. 10 April 1891
  • Margaretha Isler was born on 24 November 1834 in Switzerland.
  • She married Marquard Forster on 10 June 1852.
  • Margaretha Isler died on 10 April 1891 at age 56 in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Marquard Forster became a widower at her death.
  • She was interred at Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The following appeared on 9 February 1898 in The St. Louis Republic: Marquard Forster celebrated the seventy-seventh anniversary of his birth last night at his home, 2803 Dickson street. The house was brilliantly illuminated for the occasion and his children and 23 grandchildren thronged the rooms and enlivened the festivities.
         Mr. Forster is one of the best-known men in St. Louis, and every day he is down at his office and is apparently as hale and hearty as he was 20 years ago; in fact, he says that he never felt bettin in his life.
         It was a purely family gathering last night. The children present were C. August Forster, C. Marquard Forster, Dr. Otto E. Forster, the Police Commissioner; Mrs. Adolph Brown and husband, Mrs. Dr. Henry Schwartz and husband, Mrs. Herman Overstolz and husband; Mrs. Herman C. Stifel and husband and the grandchildren before alluded to.
         They are musically inclined, nearly every one of the family possessing considerable talent, so that they formed quartets and sextets and sang the old-fashioned songs that their father liked so well when he was young and still admires, while the laughter of the romping children was music to his years.
         Mr. Forster has always been an energetic man and has been interested in every enterprise for the welfare of the city that has been agitated since he has been a resident of St. Louis. He has carried this energy into the commercial world, and the result is that to-day he is placed beyond the dreams of avarice.
         He expressed himself last night as thorooughly satisfied with the world and smiled happily when he looked around and saw his children happy and prosperous and possessing good health. He believed that they, too, would some day celebrate their seventy-seventh birthday, as he was doing, and perhaps many more, as he hoped to do.
         Mr. Forster was born in Nonnenhorn, Bedensee, Germany, February 8, 1821, and came to St. Louis in 1849. He left the old country during one of the numerous revolutions of that period and with him were scores of other regugees. He had been prominently identified with the revolutionists, but when it was known that the revolution was about to fail there was a general exodus of the leaders and principals, as well as many of the sympathizers, to the United States.
         St. Louis was a small but prosperous town in 1849 when Mr. Forster came here. He was engaged in the grocery business at first, but finally gave it up and went into the vinegar and later into the malt business, and then again into the brewing business. His different ventures proved successful and his business and his fortune grew with the town. As old age came on he turned his business over to his children and finally organized the Marquard Forster Real Estate Copany, of which he is president and principal stockholder.
         Mr. Forster was married June 10, 1852, to Miss Margaret Islar, who was a native of Switzerland.
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Family: Marquard Forster b. 8 February 1821, d. 11 January 1901