William Honell(s)

b. say 1800, d. between 1830 and 1831
  • William Honell(s) was born say 1800.
  • He married Nancy Adams, daughter of Unknown Adams and Unknown (?), on 8 September 1827 in Marengo County, Alabama.
  • William Honell(s) died between 1830 and 1831.
  • William Honell(s) and Juan Manuel Ruiz appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1830 in Marengo County, Alabama, probably these are the boy and girl both aged 0-4.. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Sarah Jane Honell(s) and William Thomas Honell(s).
  • On 19 November 1831 in Marengo County, Alabama, David Hogan made a deed of gift to the heirs of William Hunnells deceased, viz: Sarah Jane Hunnells, William Thomas and Kezia H. Honnell, gift of a slave I purchased of William Hunnell in his lifetime. (Supposition here, requiring further research, is that Nancy Adams Honell(s) named her daughter Keziah for her sister Keziah, who was David Hogan's wife.)
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Family: Nancy Adams b. say 1800