Norka Eugenia Zuniga Giral

b. 23 September 1931, d. 10 December 2002
  • Norka Eugenia Zuniga Giral was born on 23 September 1931 in Callao, Peru, according to her petition for naturalization and the Social Security Death Index, but date of birth according to other records is 23/25 July 1941/1944.
  • She was naturalized on 16 April 1974 at US District Court, Los Angeles, California. Full name according to her petition was Norma Eugenia Pascone, requesting change to Norka Eugenia Pascone. At the time of her petition, she was residing in Encino at 5151 White Oake Avenue, having been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence on 5 Jan 1968.
  • Norka Eugenia Zuniga Giral died on 10 December 2002 at age 71.
  • She was interred at Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California.
  • Last Edited: 12 May 2017