Unknown (?)

  • Unknown (?) was born.
  • She married Powhatan Sampson Wren Jr., son of Powhatan Sampson Wren and Martha Campbell.
  • The following appeared on 9 February 1908 in The Arizona Republic: (Wickenburg, Feb. 8) . . . Judge Wren and Mrs. P. S. Wren Jr. were in town on business on Friday and Saturday.
  • The following appeared on 23 February 1908 in The Arizona Republic: (Wickenburg, Feb. 22) . . . Miss Mattie McMellen, who has been visiting with Mrs. P. S. Wren, Jr., Constellation, for the last three weeks returned to Los Angeles Tuesday.
         Judge Wren and Mat Canfield were in from Constellation on Thursday and Friday last week.
  • The following appeared on 8 March 1908 in The Arizona Republic: (Wickenburg, March 6) . . . Mrs. P. S. Wren came in from Constellation on Monday and left for Los Angeles on Tuesday for a visit among her many friends at that city.
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Family: Powhatan Sampson Wren Jr. b. 13 February 1879, d. 4 February 1948