Adele Chinski

b. 6 May 1875, d. 12 August 1942
  • Adele Chinski was born on 6 May 1875 in Navasota, Grimes County, Texas.
  • She married H. Lee Roan, son of John Peteet Roan and Mary Frances Hardy, in 1893.
  • Adele Chinski became a widow at the 18 February 1899 death of her husband H. Lee Roan.
  • The following appeared on 20 February 1899 in The Daily Examiner: The funeral of H. Lee Roan, whose sudden death was chronicled in Saturday's EXAMINER, took place from his late home in the First Ward at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon; and the long cortege of sorrowful friends who paid this last mark of respect to the departed citizen, was but a small testimonial of the lofty regard in which his memory is held.
         Deceased was a member of the honored Roan family of this old county, and was born at the old homestead, on Roans Prairie, on February 27, 1868. He was raised and educated there and in the schools of Navasota; since which time he has been actively identified with the commerce of this city and county, having spent his last years in the drug business here, as a member of the firm of H. W. Kilpatrick & Co.
         In 1893 he married Miss Dellie Chinski of this city, who, with a little son, mourn the loss of a considerate husband and father - whose life boat has been far too early stranded in the gulf of Time. In their severe loss they will have the full sympathy of a large number of steadfast friends, business associates and even passing acquaintances, who had learned to appreciate the sincere, gentlemanly friendship of the one whose remains now lie in the City Cemetery, and whose soul is on high, at peace with man and God.
  • Adele Chinski died on 12 August 1942 at age 67 in Navasota, Grimes County, Texas, at 119 Dickson Street at her residence . Informant was Miss Maurine Chinski, Navasota.
  • She was interred at Oakland Cemetery, Navasota, Grimes County, Texas.
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Family: H. Lee Roan b. 27 February 1868, d. 18 February 1899