Billie Marie Lawhon

b. 12 May 1921, d. 11 January 2010

Billie Marie Lawhon Mowry, 1921-2010
  • Billie Marie Lawhon was born on 12 May 1921 in Richards, Grimes County, Texas.
  • A photographic portrait was made of Billie Marie Lawhon as a young child.
  • Eugene Clayton Lawhon and Sarah Ann Middleton appeared in the US federal census of 1 April 1930 in Magnolia Pump Station, Navarro County, Texas. Other members of the household included Billie Marie Lawhon, Eugene Clayton Lawhon Jr.
  • Billie Wood and Billie Marie Lawhon shared their birthday, 12 May, and were photograped in Richards with a birthday cake.
    William Boyd Wood and Billie Marie Lawhon with their birthday cake, 12 May
  • On the same day that Billie Marie Lawhon and Billie Wood were photographed in Richards with their birthday cake, she was photographed with her mother and neighbors Mollie Whitfield Teague and her daughter Carrie Teague Garner.
    Billie Marie Lawhon with her mother, Mollie Whitfield Teague and Carrie Garner, in Richards
  • Billie Marie Lawhon was photographed during a happy moment with her parents.
  • She married Garland Mowry, son of Sallie Jane Jones, in 1944.
  • Billie Marie Lawhon became a widow at the 18 January 2000 death of her husband Garland Mowry.
  • Billie Marie Lawhon died on 11 January 2010 at age 88 in Florida.
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Family: Garland Mowry b. 20 April 1921, d. 18 January 2000