Carrie (?)

b. say 1860
  • Carrie (?) was born say 1860.
  • She married Seth (?) say 1878.
  • Carrie (?) became a widow at the circa February 1885 death of her husband Seth (?)
  • Circa February 1885, Carrie (?) wrote to Ann Williamson Clark:
    Dear Grandma, Had I been immortal I could have gotten to see you the day I left -- but I could not get through the key hole and upon my word I could not get through the door --
         I hope you will have good health and happiness and your same kind greeting for me when I return
         We are nicely situated, very comfortable and the children seem very well -- The children attract attention every where and are much admired -- too much for their good. The Cobbs are brim full & running over with good nature and happiness and I have found it contagious
         Love for all, Lovingly Yours, Carrie
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  • On 1 March 1885, Carrie (?) wrote to Ann Williamson Clark:
         Mar 1st, Greensboro
    My dear Grandma,
         Your nice letter came this morning -- the mails are very irregular now. I had not looked for an answer and was so "proud" as my mammy would say to get it.
         We are all getting on as well as we can without Seth. the children are bad enough to keep me so fully occupied that I have not much time for loneliness -- The kind people here think they must show their affection by many & repeated visits and if I can live through it I will be fortunate.
         We had a nice visit from the Bishop and all his old love and interest in me were apparent. he claims Seth for his god child gave me some good kind talks and "cud to chew" for many a day He seemed to me as far above the ordinary human mass as he did to me in my earliest days.
         I trust Mr Archie's loss will not be so serious as he first thought and that the compromise will be made -- a little more or less money makes little difference to me and I believe I am not unlike other happy mothers and wives -- but it is hard to see the toil of good men swept away by speculating & etc.
         It was in this country that I spent my childhood and innocent girl hood -- had a large and handsome fortune duped from me -- and "my kinsmen stood afar off" not knowing or caring to know my fate -- for years to the entire care of strangers -- this knowledge will ever be to me more bitter than the loss of a fortune and makes me tremble now as I see my own health failing each day. I am so full of youth and vitality that I am sure I will regain my health -- and then I will be most happy to see you good people again.
         I was sorry to hear about Miss Patties sickness and the little baby -- when the baby is there to cheer all seems bearable -- I love Mrs Archie very dearly and cannot but feel interested in all that is near to her -- my love to her when she returns, and love to dear Uncle Campbell and his family -- to Uncle Campbell please say I am just finishing his medicine and will write in about a week. and many thanks for your kindness in answering my letter which was to explain that it was not forgetfulness that caused me to neglect saying "Good bye."
         Your loving friend, Carrie
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  • While "Carrie" addresses Ann Williamson Clark Campbell as "Grandma" in her two letters, it appears that the relationship was more complicated, and her parents have not yet been identified.
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Family: Seth (?) b. say 1860, d. circa February 1885