Benjamin Teague

b. 24 January 1798, d. 8 September 1874
  • Benjamin Teague was born on 24 January 1798 in Abbeville District, South Carolina.
  • Elijah Teague and Sarah Morgan appeared in the US federal census of 4 August 1800 in Abbeville, South Carolina, enumerated next to Sarah's brother Benjamin Morgan.. Other (counted but unnamed) members of the household apparently included Benjamin Teague, Samuel Teague, Elias Teague, Joshua Teague, Nancy Teague, Elizabeth Teague and Sarah Caldwell Teague.
  • He married Esther Elizabeth Saddler say 1825.
  • Benton (later Calhoun) County, Alabama, 30 July 1850: Examined and ordered to be filed and recorded, Petition of Joshua Teague for Letters of Administration on the estate of Elijah Teague. Elijah Teague died intestate in 1843, then a citizen of Benton County, Alabama, leaving a widow, Sarah Teague, and eleven children, to wit: 1. Samuel Teague, 2. Elias Teague, 3. Joshua Teague, 4. Nancy Norred, widow of Preston Norred, 5. Elizabeth Davis, wife of Thomas Davis, 6. Benjamin Teague, 7. Sarah Smith, wife of John Smith, 8. Elijah Teague, 9. Lurenna Cobb, wife of Nathaniel Cobb, 10. Lydia Thompson, wife of Robert Thompson, 11. Mary Black, wife of James R. Black, All of lawful age at the time of the death of Elijah Teague, And, by agreement and consent of said children and heirs all the personal property and effects of said deceased Elijah Teague was advertised and sold at public outcry (except such part as was by the consent of all persons interested alloted to the said Sarah Teague, the widow of said deceased) and proceeds equally divided among said children. Sometime in the year 1848 and since said division Sarah Smith, wife of John Smith, died. Sarah Teague, widow of Elijah Teague, died in March of 1850. Elijah left some 620 acres and buildings. Division can only be made lawfully by the appointment of a legal Administrator. Joshua Teague is the oldest of the heirs except two: Samuel and Elias. Joshua Teague is the Administrator of Elijah Teague, even though that it states that Samuel and Elias are older. Each child received $371.47.
  • Benjamin Teague died on 8 September 1874 at age 76 in Cleburne County, Alabama.
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Family: Esther Elizabeth Saddler b. say 1800