Gideon Gibson

b. circa 1698
  • It is an educated guess that Hannah Gibson was the daughter of Gideon Gibson and Mary Browne.
  • Gideon Gibson was born circa 1698 probably in Virginia.
  • He married Mary Browne say 1718.
  • South Carolina Governor Robert Johnson wrote the following during the summer of 1731: "The people lately come into the settlements having been sent for, I have had them before me in Council and upon examination find that they are not Negroes nor slaves but Free people. That the Father of them here is named Gideon Gibson and [h]is Father was also Free I have been informed by a person who has lived in Virginia that this Gibson has lived there several Years in good Repute and by his papers that he has produced before me that his transactions there have been very regular, that he has for several years paid Taxes for several Tracts of land and had seven Negroes of his own, that he is a Carpenter by Trade and is come hither for the support of his Family, the account he has given of himself was so satisfactory that he is no Vagabond that I have in consideration of his wife's being a White woman and several white women capable of working and being serviceable in the country permitted him to settle in this Country upon entering into Recognizance for his good behavior which I have taken accordingly."
  • Gideon Gibson died likely during the late 1750s.
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Family: Mary Browne b. say 1702