Thomas H. Moughon

b. say 1816, d. between 1863 and 1865
  • Thomas H. Moughon was born say 1816.
  • He married Camilla M. T. Stovall on 1 June 1839 in Baldwin County, Georgia.
  • Thomas H. Moughon became a widower at the 26 November 1858 death of his wife Camilla M. T. Stovall.
  • The following appeared on 29 November 1859 in The Georgia Weekly Telegraph: In pursuance of the Will of Joseph Bond, late of the city of Macon, we will offer for sale before the Court House Door, in Albany, Georgia, on the first Tuesday (the 3d day) in January next, Over 500 negroes! belonging to said Estate.
         These Negroes are all under good discipline-- climatized to the country-- well trained to the cultivation of corn and cotton, and are as likely a gang as will ever be offered again, perhaps, in any of the States South. In the lot there are several good Carpenters, Blacksmiths, and Waggon makers.
         The terms of sale will be known on the day, and the sale will be continued to each successive day.
         And also, on Monday following, we will offer for sale all the remaining personal and perishable property of said deceased, consisting of a fine lot of Mules, Working oxen, Cattle, Hogs, Plantation Blacksmith and Carpenter's Tools, and the other fixtures. Household and Kitchen Furniture, and all the Corn, Fodder, Oats and other provisions on hand at the time of sale. The sale will commence at the Fowltown Plantation and be continued from day to day to other plantations. Thos. H. Moughon, Wm. S. Moughon, Ex'rs. Henrietta S. Bond, Executrix. Nov. 15, 1859.
  • He married Julia A. Allen, daughter of James P. Allen and Mariah (?), on 9 October 1862 in Houston County, Georgia.
  • Thomas H. Moughon died between 1863 and 1865.
  • His wife Julia A. Allen became a widow at his death.
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Family 1: Camilla M. T. Stovall b. circa 1821, d. 26 November 1858

Family 2: Julia A. Allen b. circa 1840