Butler Philpot

b. circa 11 April 1864, d. 23 September 1937
  • Butler Philpot was born circa 11 April 1864 in Walker County, Texas, although death certificate has 1874.
  • He married Ella Harris, daughter of Beverly and Harriet, circa 1894.
  • Butler Philpot and Ella Harris appeared in the US federal census of 1 January 1920 in Montgomery County, Texas. Other members of the household included Isaac Philpot, Georgia L. Philpot, Jennie M. Philpot, Gus Moore Philpot and Butler L. Philpot.
  • He was a farmer, according to the 1920 census.
  • Butler Philpot died on 23 September 1937 in Willis, Montgomery County, Texas, . His death was officially witnessed by Ella Harris.
  • His wife Ella Harris became a widow at his death.
  • He was interred at the old Danville cemetery, Montgomery County, Texas, on present-day Shepard Hill Road, near Willis.
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Family 1: Ella Harris b. 25 August 1871, d. 22 November 1955

Family 2: Lucinda (?) b. January 1867