George N. Phillips

b. circa 1826
  • George N. Phillips was born circa 1826 in Georgia.
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    Dr. George N. Phillips, when the 1860 census was taken, was a physician living in the town of Montgomery near Robert S. Poole. He was born in Georgia in 1826. His wife was recorded as "L. Phillips," age 28, born in Georgia. They had one child, H. M. Phillips, age ten, also born in Georgia. Also in his household was "Gentleman" Abraham Phillips, probably his brother. He had $120,000 worth of real estate and $60,000 in personal wealth. His name is on the tax list of 1861, rendering approximately 1,500 acres of land, 46 slaves, and three horses, with a total taxable value of about $38,900. He made approximately the same rendition through 1864. In 1865, he rendered twelve acres in the Joseph Lindley League (Danville area) and miscellaneous property worth $1,266. In November 1865, he advertised in a Houston newspaper, attempting to sell his residence and 12 acres under fence and in cultivation, two good cisterns, and outbuildings. Dr. Phillips was still in Montgomery County, in Boggy Precinct, in 1870, identified as a physician with considerable real estate. He had a wife, Ann, and son, Henry. Abraham lived two houses away. Nothing further is known about Dr. Phillips.
         Biographical sketch prepared by Karen McCann Hett as part of "Danville Doctors" for a future edition of the MCG&HS History of Montgomery County, Texas.
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