b. 2 August 1853
  • Father: John b. May 1830
  • Mother: Rachial b. 18 February 1830
  • David was born on 2 August 1853 in Montgomery County, Texas, at Greenwood plantation near old Danville.
  • Peter and Rachel and her children Lucky, Toby, Emma, Dave and Wilson, and Little Guilford, son of Guilford and Leah, were given by Green Wood into the care of his son William Barnes Wood on 15 December 1856. Likely Little Guilford made the move because of his relationship with Dilcey of Billy's household.
  • John and Harriet appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1870 in Montgomery County, Texas, and it is an educated guess that "Dan" is actually the son of John and Rachel, and daughter "Martha" is actually son March.. Other members of the household included David, Milly, Candace, March, Bill, Mandy Jackson, Fanny Jackson and Solomon Jackson.
  • Children of Rachial born between 1846 and 1855, were recorded by Green Wood.
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