b. 9 September 1859
  • Father: Saten b. 7 March 1830, d. between 1900 and 1910
  • Mother: Matilda b. circa 1836
  • Antony was born on 9 September 1859 in Montgomery County, Texas, at Greenwood plantation near old Danville.
  • On Friday, 9 September 1859, Green Wood recorded in his plantation daily account book: "Matilda had a Son born this morning."
  • "Antony and Edmon, Matilda's Children," had measels, broke out 20th April 1863. [No record of Edmon.]
  • Following emancipation, Antony adopted the name Anthony Wood.
  • Saten and Matilda appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1870 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Other members of the household included Antony, Hilliard, Kizzy and Willis Sampson. Nephew Willis Sampson also is enumerated with his parents in Montgomery County.
  • He was a farm hand, according to the 1870 census.
  • Children of Saten and Matilda born between 1853 and 1861, were recorded by Green Wood.
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