Bradley Garner Jr.

b. circa 1795
  • Bradley Garner Jr. was born circa 1795 in Moore County, North Carolina.
  • He was known as Buddy.
  • He married Obedience (?) circa 1811.
  • Research Note: In 1836, Abner Garner was assigned as a hand to overseer James Mackey for opening a road from near Mackey's residenct to the county line.
  • Research Note: Absolem Garner appeared in the 1837 state territorial census of Old Tishomingo County.
  • Bradley Garner Jr. and Obedience (?) appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1850 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, Also in the household was another blacksmith, age 21.. Other members of the household included Adam A. Garner.
  • He was a blacksmith, according to the 1850 census.
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Family: Obedience (?) b. circa 1796